Matt James Axes Beard, Real Or Prank?

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Did Matt James start April off with a new look or is he pranking us for April Fools’ Day? Bachelor fans had a lot of thoughts about Matt James’ bushy facial hair. Viewers of the Women Tell All special were in for a surprise with his new look. During his time on The Bachelor, Matt stuck to a constant five o’clock shadow. After filming ended, he went full beard mode. 

Did he finally get rid of the beard? 

Matt James’ Beard a ‘NO’ for Many Bachelor Nation Fans

Matt James’ facial hair is one hot topic among Bachelor Nation fans. Between the end of filming in November and the WTA special in February, Matt James let himself go. Or, at least, let his facial hair grow unchecked. 

The general consensus regarding Matt James’ new look was a resounding no. Check out these tweet reactions to his full-grown beard. Many fans joked at the time that his beard was a clear indication that he was single. 

It turns out they were right. During the After the Final Rose last month, Matt revealed that he had broken up with Rachael Kirkconnell. The two fell in love during filming and she did receive his final rose.

However, they split up amid the controversy surrounding the photo of her attending an antebellum-themed event in 2018. 

His beard got even more attention during ATFR. His beard seems unusually shiny, causing some to wonder if he had glitter in it. 

Credit: Matt James/Instagram
Credit: Matt James/Instagram

New Month, New Look? 

Matt James’ unruly beard may be a thing of the past. On April 1, he posted a new photo to his Instagram Stories. In the photo, Matt is back to his familiar stubble that fans love. Underneath the photo, he wrote that “it was time.” He included a peace sign emoji followed by the word “beard.” 

Credit: Matt James/Instagram
Credit: Matt James/Instagram

But April 1 is a day where everything on the internet is suspect. Did Matt James really get rid of his beard or is he just playing a joke on us? 

Only time will tell if the beard is really gone or not. 

Matt Wipes His All Bachelor References From His Instagram

Following the tense and emotional ATFR, Matt James received a lot of hate from fans. Bachelor Nation viewers were upset over how things ended between Matt and Rachael. Things got so bad, he removed all of his posts and photos from Instagram. 

After a short break, Matt James reactivated his social media account, with one glaring difference. People reports that all traces of a connection to the Bachelor franchise were gone. Does that mean he’s done with Bachelor Nation? It certainly sounds like it. 

ABC is currently rounding up cast members for Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, sources report that many former contestants and leads are breaking ties with Bachelor Nation. 

Do you prefer Matt James with a full beard or his five o’clock shadow? 

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