Matt James Ready To Ditch ‘Bachelor’ Status, Plus Why He Grew The Beard

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Matt James is ready to NOT be known as The Bachelor anymore. He went, he was in the middle of major drama, he found love and now he’s done. However, being done doesn’t include all reality television. In fact, Matt was just named to be a competitor on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. So, why is Matt ready to put the title of The Bachelor behind him? Keep reading to find out more.

Matt James is ready to put The Bachelor behind him

US Weekly shared Matt’s thoughts on why he’s ready to put The Bachelor behind him. He’s ready to break into the dance scene as he embarks on his journey for the Mirrorball Trophy. Matt will be competing on Season 30 of Dancing With the Stars. Some think he has his work cut out for him. However, Matt says Rachael is helping him with his dance moves and standing by his side.

As far as why he’s ready to leave The Bachelor behind, Matt says it’s something he did not who he is.

His words were, “It was something I did. It’s not who I am. And I think that a lot of people got that confused. After the show’s over, [people were] expecting me to look a certain way, act a certain way. I’m Matt James. I’m not here to please them.” He continued, “I’m here to be the best version of myself, and that has little to do with my appearance and more so about how I’m treating people and the work that I’m doing in the community and the type of impact I’m trying to leave. We get caught up on things like appearance. I think it’s kind of shallow … it’s comical. So, I just kind of grew it out in spite of what everyone wanted me to look like and just [wanted to] do me.”

The beard

Yes, it’s true, Matt James really had no emotional connection to the beard. He admits he only grew the beard to get away from looking like The Bachelor. However, while most wanted Matt to shave, he says Rachael Kirkconnell liked it. Matt said, “She’s been supporting me in every way imaginable. I mean, first of all, she was the only person who seemed to like my beard so, you know, that’s love right there.”

Matt was asked what he hopes to show the dancing world. His response was to be not as boring as he was as The Bachelor. At least fans won’t be seeing him kiss with his eyes open anymore.

Good luck to Matt as he explores his inner dancer!

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