‘Bachelor’ Matt James Talks Rachael Kirkconnell Proposal Timeline

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Bachelor Matt James has been dating Rachael Kirkconnell since 2021. Fans have been impatiently waiting for them to get married. He shared an update on his proposal timeline. Keep reading to see what his plans are.

Season 25 Bachelor Couple Have Unconventional Relationship

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell’s relationship has weathered more scandal that most couples in Bachelor Nation. They met and fell in love in 2020 while filming Season 25 of The Bachelor.

The show began airing on ABC in January 2021. Photos surfaced online almost immediately that showed front-runner Rachael Kirkconnell in a negative light. The photos were from an antebellum-themed party when she was in college in 2018.

However, given the political climate at the time, the photos blew up and the alleged racist undertones of the party reflected poorly on Rachael.

By then, Matt James had already chosen her as his final rose winner. After the finale aired, the two addressed the backlash on the After The Final Rose. Rachael and Matt revealed that they had broken up due to the backlash.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell/Credit: ABC YouTube
Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell/Credit: ABC YouTube

However, they got back together and have been a solid couple since 2021. The pair often travel together, including a bucket list trip to Japan and a recent vacation in London.

However, fans question their living arrangements. Matt James is often asked when he will propose to Rachael Kirkconnell. His latest update gives a hint at the timeline until a proposal.

Matt James Talks Rachael Kirkconnell Proposal Timeline

In February 2024, Matt James teased a very special proposal planned for his longtime girlfriend. Many fans thought that meant a proposal was imminent. However, it still hasn’t happened.

One of the things that seems to bond the couple is their love of food. They often post videos of their foodie adventures. A fan dropped a comment on one of Matt’s recent posts encouraging him to “marry this girl.”

In a rare response, the Bachelor star’s reply gave a hint at the timeline he has for an engagement. He replied, “Planning on it.”

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Now, it’s up to fans to guess if he meant in the future or sometime soon. However, Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to tell Rachael not to hold her breath. Check out some of the comments from the naysayers:

  • Beyoncé is going to release the Renaissance visuals before that ever happens
  • Good luck to her. I honestly feel like he’s stringing her along.
  • Don’t listen to his words, watch his actions. Rachel I’m wishing the best for you
  • I thought he was gonna do it on their Japan trip. Wonder why it hasn’t happened yet
  • lolol doubt it. I’ll be shocked if he ever proposes at this point.
  • Lol no. That’s just the line he uses so people stop asking him to.
  • “planning on it” is bachelor nation translation for “I think there will exist a day at some point in the future where I think that I will start considering a marriage proposal by arranging a meeting with Neil Lane” and then the other person says “thank you for sharing that”

Do you agree with the fans who think Matt James is just stringing Rachael along? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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