Could Nick Viall Have A Career In Professional Matchmaking?

Nick Viall/Credit: YouTube

Few reality TV stars have had a journey as long and winding as Nick Viall’s. The Wisconsin native first appeared on our screens in 2014, vying for Andi Dorfman’s heart on The Bachelorette. He went on to become The Bachelor himself in 2017 and even made a pit stop in Bachelor in Paradise.

From Bachelor To Relationship Expert

Nick Viall has worn a lot of reality show hats over the years. In addition to the multiple Bachelor Nation shows, he had a stint on Dancing With The Stars. He competed in Season 2 of Special Forces alongside another star from the franchise, Tyler Cameron. In fact, they were both named the winners, along with Olympian Erin Jackson.

Nick Viall was one of the first celebrities to start a podcast. The Viall Files premiered in 2019. In addition to interviewing other famous people, the former Bachelor answers relationship questions from listeners.

You may find it strange to seek relationship advice from someone who had several failed public relationships. However, after years of putting his love life on public display, Viall seems to have finally found his match in Natalie Joy. They married in April 2024, a few months after welcoming their daughter, River Rose.

Natalie Joy, Nick Viall and their daughter River Rose/Credit: Instagram
Natalie Joy, Nick Viall and their daughter River Rose/Credit: Instagram

So, is matchmaking the next step in Nick Viall’s career?

Could Nick Viall Have A Career In Professional Matchmaking?

The former Bachelor star teamed up with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger for a new show. CW’s The Matchmaker has a similar format as the previous Bravo show. However, instead of matching wealthy participants, the famed matchmaker attempts to find partners for ‘normal’ single people.

Nick Viall serves as the show’s resident relationship expert. Fellow Bachelor Nation star Jason Tartick also appears as the financial advisor. One Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to praise Nick Viall’s advice to singles on the show. “This show is making me actually like Nick V so much more. It surprised me that he seems to be actually good as a matchmaker and coach,” they wrote.

Patti Stanger and Nick Viall/Credit: YouTube
Patti Stanger and Nick Viall/Credit: YouTube

But Nick Viall may want to get more experience before becoming a matchmaker full time. Not everyone is enjoying the show. Another Redditor replied to the OP with the comment, “Do you?? I actually just find him so… bleh. Uninteresting. Mumbling and not really adding anything.”

The Matchmaker airs on CW on Thursdays at 8 P.M. Eastern.

So, could Nick Viall have a career in professional matchmaking? Stranger things have happened in the world of reality TV. And given his journey so far, it’s clear this Bachelor alum is always up for a new adventure.

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