‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Call Pat Sajak’s Last Season ‘Worst Ever’

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Pat Sajak finishes his final week on Wheel of Fortune this week. This has allowed him to have a few more memorable contestant moments, some fun and snark, and one last chance to remind everyone why he has hosted the show for four decades. However, not everyone is happy about how Pat’s final season has gone.

Many fans feel this has been the “worst season ever” and want a change before Pat leaves. Here is what they had to say.

Some Fans Feel This Is The “Worst Season Ever” Of Wheel Of Fortune

This final season of Wheel of Fortune for Pat Sajak has had a lot of memorable moments. He has joked with contestants. He has called some out. He has even helped some of them win their puzzles with perceived second chances. However, some fans don’t like the recent gameplay of the show.

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune

The main problem comes with the final bonus puzzle of the game. It seems that more and more contestants are not able to solve the last puzzle, which ends the game on down notes. This is especially true when the players see they lost out on a new car or thousands of dollars in prize money.

However, many viewers feel the players are missing easy final puzzles. Some fans complained online that they wanted one person to win before Pat Sajak left the show on Friday. Luckily, that happened when Kchristchan Howard won her puzzle, but fans still complained about how she won it.

Here is a sample of comments about the final puzzle misses:

  • “I got this one about 6 seconds into the 10 sec limit. Where’s my 40 grand”
  • “If we don’t get a bonus round win tomorrow, it’ll be a shutout bloodbath somebody’s going to have to break the losing streak before Pat Sajak leaves because this is it”
  • “Worst season ever”

The puzzle on the day that fans complained had the following letters: “IT **S **T *F *IE*.” The category was Phrase. The answer was “It Was Out Of View.” It wasn’t as easy as some let on, and the contestant lost. Her prize would have been $40,000.

The Wheel of Fortune Streak Was Finally Broken

Fans got their wish for change when Kchristchan Howard won her puzzle. However, many viewers still weren’t happy and wanted her prize money to be taken away.

Kchristchan answered, “Going Places,” but first she said, “I’m Going Places.” Fans wanted her to lose for saying “I’m.” However, those fans likely haven’t watched much of the show because she had the time limit to say the puzzle right, and she did so the second time when she said, “Going Places.” She won $40,000.

Instead of celebrating the big win before Pat Sajak leaves, fans decided to bash the woman for winning. However, there were also those who realized that it was one more big win before Pat’s departure:

  • “The bonus round shutout curse ends. Way to go Kennedy and Kchristshan!”
  • “We saved the day!”
  • “Finally, after 4 Bonus Round losses including the $100,000 loss in Fan Favorites, we got one win of $40,000.”

What are your thoughts on recent gameplay on Wheel of Fortune? Are you glad to finally see someone win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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