Pat Sajak Jokes ‘We Keep The Money’ After ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail

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Pat Sajak is nearing the end of his run as the Wheel of Fortune host. However, he has just over a week left to have some more memorable moments in the series. One of those happened this week when a contestant proudly answered the puzzle and started fist-bumping the other players in celebration.

The problem is that his answer was wrong, and Pat had to call him out on it.

Pat Sajak Stops Celebration After Wrong Answer

In the recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, the players had letters on the board and had to guess what the term was. Every letter was there except for three (one in each word). The three looked at the board and then one player buzzed in and gave his answer.

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune

The player then didn’t wait for the confirmation and began to celebrate his answer. More so, the other contestants also celebrated with him. They each gave him fist bumps and congratulated him and all seemed happy. However, during the entire celebration, Pat Sajak was yelling “No! No!,” and finally got their attention. He let them know the answer was wrong.

The board read “*AN’T L*OK AWA*.” The answer given was “Don’t Look Away,” which clearly doesn’t fit as that has an “O” where there is an “A” on the board. All three contestants looked confused when Pat said it was wrong. One of them even bumbled with their buzzer and then it was over with.

Pat Sajak dug in deeper with his next comment. “Everybody’s congratulating everybody, and we get to keep the money,” he said. Fans on social media seemed to love the moment as well.

  • “Tonight, Wheel of Fortune went from the ‘Right in the Butt’ incident last week, to THIS!”
  • “Just when you thought you solved an easy puzzle…”
  • “They really making Pat work the hardest he’s ever worked for his last season”

Pat Sajak Set To Retire Next Week

Pat Sajak will finally say goodbye to Wheel of Fortune next week. The show started with Chuck Woolery as the host from 1975 to 1981 and Pat Sajak came in during the 1981 season. He has been the host ever since (with time off from 1989-1991).

Wheel of Fortune puzzle

Pat Sajak will host his last episode on Friday, June 7, 2024, and will then step away. That means there is just over one week left with Pat on the show. After that, the show will take the summer off and when it returns, Ryan Seacrest will be the new host with Vanna White remaining as the co-host and letter-turner.

What are your thoughts on the early celebration of these players on Wheel of Fortune? Finally, are you going to miss Pat Sajak when he leaves the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I watched last nite WOF, and never saw a poorer loser than the guy who hit Bankrupt and tossed the wedge in the air narrowly missing one of the contestants he has some serious anger issues. You could see how upset he was each time he missed. I hope he doesn’t have a wife or kids. If he’s that angry in public what must he be like in private

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