‘Wheel of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Shuts Down Pouting Contestant

Tyra and Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

Wheel of Fortune this week saw a woman struggling with her final puzzle. When she couldn’t figure it out, it was clear she was frustrated. However, in a funny moment, Pat Sajak called her out on it after he noticed she seemed to be pouting about the answer.

Here is what happened with the constant and Pat’s humorous response.

Pat Sajak Calls Out Pouting Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune

This week on Wheel of Fortune, a contestant won the main game and moved on to the bonus round. Some fans might remember Tyra from the episode where one of her opponents made the guess “Right in the butt.” Tyra is the person who paused and said, “What?” after the guess.

Tyra's puzzle on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube
Tyra’s puzzle on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

Tyra is the one who made it to the bonus round. However, she struggled to make the right guess and lost out on a new car. The puzzle was in Food & Drink and had the letters “CHE** TA***.” Tyra was stumped and finally guessed Chef’s Table. The guess was wrong and the letters opened to unveil “Chewy Taffy.”

As Tyra looked at the board, she sighed and Pat Sajak noticed a pouty look on her face as it was shown. “What do you mean, oh?” Pat asked the contestant. Tyra stopped pouting and then laughed and said she never would have guessed that answer.

“I love Tyra. She’s the best!” a fan wrote in the comments on the YouTube post.

Pat Sajak Has One Week Left On Wheel of Fortune

Time is running out on Pat Sajak’s tenure as the Wheel of Fortune host. His last day on the show will come on Friday, June 7, and that will end over four decades of history on the popular game show.

Pat Sajak seems to be loosening up even more than ever as he heads into his final episodes. He has always had fun as the host, especially when the contestants make bad answers or make mistakes. This has happened more than once over the last week alone. Not only did he have the “Right in the butt” contestant but he also had someone celebrate a wrong answer with Pat having to let them know the bad news.

When Pat leaves the show, Wheel of Fortune will take the summer off. When the new season begins this fall, Ryan Seacrest will replace Pat as the new host. Vanna White will also stay on as the co-host and letter-turner.

Are you going to miss Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune after he retires? Are you enjoying his final episodes and his increased snark over the last few weeks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I always wanted to sign up to play the Wheel Of Fortune and meet you Pat Sajak, but too shy to sign up, now I wish I did!! Wishing you a Happy Retirement Pat! I will certainly miss you while watching the Game Show!

    1. I’m really going to miss Pat. I’ll give Seacrest a week but I’m not holding out any hope.

    1. Pat, I will miss your corny jokes and witty remarks. I’m a life long fan of the wheel, you and Vanna.
      I wish Ryan the best, it’s certainly not going to be easy, you have some very big shoes to fill….. figuratively speaking!

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