‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Not Ready To Lose Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak-YouTube

Wheel of Fortune fans are not ready to lose Pat Sajak as his run as host is coming to an end. He has been the face of the game show since 1981 and now, he has just one month left. Then, starting in September 2024, Ryan Seacrest will take the reins from Sajak. So, what are fans struggling with the most? Keep reading for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Not Ready To Lose Pat Sajak

For some time now, Wheel of Fortune fans have felt that Pat Sajak needed to step down from the popular game show. He seemed cranky and angrier, less tolerant of the contestants. In June 2023, he announced he was leaving after Season 41. It took some time but Ryan Seacrest was named his replacement with Vanna White staying on through 2026. Pat filmed his final episode on April 5th, 2024 and it will air on June 7th with Ryan taking over in September 2024. Of course, as the time gets closer for Pat’s last episode to air, not everyone is thrilled with his replacement.

Pat Sajak-YouTube
Pat Sajak-YouTube

In fact, not all Wheel of Fortune fans are happy Pat is leaving in the first place. They think he is funny and has great commentary, which was recently displayed in an Instagram Reel. It showed his iconic one-liners from his career and fans could not get enough. According to The Sun, they included contestants guessing on a puzzle and the host responding. They went with “fast-burning stove,” “food-burning stove,” and “hood-burning stove.” In the end, the answer was “wood-burning stove” so Pat responded with: “We pretty much burned everything in sight.”


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After seeing some of Pat Sajak’s greatest hits, it was questionable if Ryan Seacrest could take his place. More so, viewers were really going to miss him:

  • I actually cry when I think of Pat leaving!! I love his humor!!He will be missed!!!❤️❤️❤️
  • Been loving these clips! Pat is so hilarious!!😂😂❤️❤️He will be sorely missed! Not going to be the same at all without him! And you can tell as the time is dwindling down, that Vanna is going to miss him so much😢

A New Time Is Coming

As much as fans will miss Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune, it is time for him to move on. He seems ready and viewers have long felt that. Some even believed that it was time for Vanna White to go, as well. Ryan Seacrest does have big shoes to fill but he has a lot of hosting experience and a huge fanbase. Therefore, the hope is that the transition will be a smooth one.

Are you going to miss Pat and the one-liners he brought with him? Or, are you ready for a change on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hate to see Pat leave! Do not want Ryan Seacrest. Will not watch it with him. Goodbye Wheel of Fortune.

    1. I don’t see Ryan doing anywhere near as good as job as Pat. The producers should keep Pat on as long as he is able, or until he passes on to that great game show in the sky like Alex Trebek. Re: Ryan, my wife says give him a chance, so I’ll give him a week.

  2. I’m in total agreement with Karen about not watching Wheel with Ryan Seacrest! I can’t stand his arrogant attitude. I will no longer be watching Wheel, as much as I enjoy the show. As fo Pat retired. Good for you .I waited till I was 70 to retire . I wish I’d retired at 66. Life is GREAT in retirement. Wile I’ll miss Pat and Wheel of Fortune, all the best to you in retirement Pat😁😁

  3. I won’t watch with Ryan as host either. He’s too full of Ryan to make it fun. Pat was the consummate game show host. He will be hard to replace. I was hoping his daughter would take his place but they picked a man I cannot stand. so long wheel

  4. I will miss Pat Sajack very much.
    He is the GOAT!
    I will not be watching Wheel because of Ryan Seacrest, on principle alone.
    He is the wrong person for that job.
    The Network made a mistake in choice.
    I will miss Vanna endlessly and wish Pat the very best of everything.
    He is one of a kind.

  5. it is okay wheel fans we even lost regis and Alex who passed during COVID outbreak and nothing is the same.

  6. When I hear that Ryan Seacrest is NO LONGER THE HOST of Jeopardy,…Then I shall once again become a viewer. But not until!

  7. The key to success as a TV host is not being smart or witty, but in being LIKEABLE. Pat nailed that. Ryan take note. Break a leg!
    Jack F

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