‘Unexpected’ Newcomers Emalee & Nate Tie The Knot

Nate, Emalee-Unexpected Season 6-Instagram

Unexpected newcomers Emalee and Nate officially tied the knot with the news breaking days after the Season 6 premiere. It has been a long time coming and fans wondered if this season would ever air. Now, it has started and there is big news to share. Keep reading to see their first picture as newlyweds.

Unexpected Newcomers Emalee & Nate Tie The Knot

Emalee and Nate joined Unexpected in Season 6 and it looked like there was no way they could make it. She is eighteen whereas he is 16. They admitted that they thought the other was cute so they connected on social media. After just two months of hanging out, Emalee realized that she was pregnant. More so, the couple shared that their relationship started as they claim most teenage ones do. It was all because of being intimate which they were out of the gate. She did not think that he would be in her life forever but now that they are having a baby, he for sure is.

Nate, Emalee-Unexpected-YouTube
Nate, Emalee-Unexpected-YouTube

They are still in school, and it is clearly 2022 when the show began filming. Outside of their high school, there is a sign announcing winter break. Back inside, Emalee is ready to pop and will not be coming back after the break so she can be with their baby boy. At the same time, she is constantly critical of Nate and his behavior. He says she treats him like a toddler and it is questionable if they will stay together. It seems that they did as he put a ring on it, according to @thetlcunexpected.


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Emalee wore a white puffed sleeve square collared dress while Nate donned a short-sleeved linen collared shirt. As she held a bouquet of baby’s breath, the Unexpected stars held their left hands out to show their wedding rings. Emalee’s nails were painted a nice pink and the duo were all smiles though no information was given as to when the actual event took place. It is also unclear if this was a simple ceremony or a lavish to-do. Either way, they seem like they are quite happy.

Fans React

After seeing the photo of the newlyweds, what did Unexpected fans have to say? Were they excited for Emalee and Nate or skeptical of this decision?

  • Let’s see how long that marriage last us. I hope they’re making the right decision.
  • 😍👏 Awww congratulations!!! They are my favorite couple so far I’m so happy for them! 💝✨
  • wow, so she made him marry her too…
  • You know what congratulations to them. At least their trying to raise the child with two married parents 🙌

Some questioned how old they were but keep in mind, the show started filming at the end of 2022 when she was 18 and he was 16. It would appear that he is 18 now so hopefully, they have grown and have a newfound respect for one another.

What are your thoughts about them getting married? More so, do you think it will last? Let us know and watch Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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