‘Unexpected’ Alum Myrka Cantu’s Ex Arrested For Robbery

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Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu’s ex and baby daddy, Ethan Ybarra has been arrested for robbery as well as battery. The two had moved on from one another with Myrka welcoming a child with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, it appears that Ethan is still struggling. So, what exactly happened? Keep reading for more details.

Unexpected Alum Myrka Cantu’s Ex Arrested For Robbery

Myrka Cantu was a teen mother along with her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra, featured on TLC’s Unexpected. When she found out that she was expecting, her parents were not happy so she was thrown out of her home. Luckily, Ethan’s parents welcomed her in and she went on to welcome a healthy girl, Attalie. Sadly, Ethan’s parents had their own struggles, and the young couple was forced to find their own housing. Eventually, they parted ways and a lot of drama ensued. Myrka struggled to graduate high school and find her calm amid the storm, which she has.

Myrka Cantu/YouTube
Myrka Cantu-YouTube

She welcomed baby number two with a new man who seemed to be stable and the calm in her storm. As for Ethan, he has been off doing his own thing but, according to Starcasm, that includes getting into trouble. He now lives in California and runs AtoZ Consulting. It appears that the company works with real estate as well as some automotive dealings, as well. In the midst of Ethan’s attempt to rebrand his life, he backslid some and was arrested for robbery and battery. This occurred on April 6th, 2024.

Ethan Ybarra-YouTube
Ethan Ybarra-YouTube

Allegedly, the Unexpected alum was trying to steal a tip jar when the police were called regarding Ybarra shortly after 7 pm. “Officers were dispatched to the report of a male attempting to take the tip jar located in the business.” This all went down at a marijuana dispensary in Modesto. It took over two hours for him to eventually get arrested for what he had done but it did not end there. Ethan also has a battery charge so it seems he  “touched someone in a harmful or offensive manner” but there was no weapon used.

Locked Or Released?

As for Ethan Ybarra’s current state, he was able to post the $75K bail and was then arraigned on April 8th. He will next appear in court on July 11th. No word on how this will affect his custody with Myrka Cantu as she has primary custody. Ethan has visitation but this could all change that depending on the outcome. Time will tell if Myrka will pursue anything but since he lives in California, it may not matter much.

Are you shocked to learn this about Ethan or does nothing surprise you anymore? Let us know and watch Unexpected premiering June 3rd on TLC.

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