‘Unexpected’ Did Lilly & Lawrence Get Married?

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Did Unexpected stars, Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop ever end up tying the knot? This wedding has been an issue that has plagued them since Season 5 and now, Lilly is ready to go. So, did they finally make it to the finish line or are they still holding out? Keep reading to see where the couple stands.

Unexpected Did Lilly & Lawrence Get Married?

Lilly Bennett has been with Lawrence Bishop since 2019 and she returned to Unexpected in Season 4. She had been a part of the cast in Season 1 with her then-boyfriend, Jason Kennedy. Lilly was a pregnant teen and hoped her young boyfriend would be there along the way. He seemed to care, giving her a promise ring but her mother’s intuition told Lilly he would not last. Lilly gave birth to their daughter, Aaliyah but that did not last and she left the show. Eventually, she met Lawrence Bishop and they fell in love.

Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop/YouTube
Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop-YouTube

They then found out they were expecting a son and ended up back on Unexpected in Season 4. He proposed and they welcomed LJ. As time went on, she struggled to be a mother of two as well as keeping the home. Finally, they started to look at venues at the end of Season 5. The costs were a bit high and that scared Lawrence. As much as he wanted to do this, he wanted to do it right and not break the bank. Now, they are back for Season 6 and she wants to get married in three months. Lawrence is trying to tell her to slow down but she does not seem to hear him. So, did they make it down the aisle?

It seems like they did. According to a post from @everything_tlc_unexpected on March 22, 2023, it says this:

“So now that Lilly & Lawrence have OFFICIALLY tied the knot last weekend and production has wrapped on filming the final big event, Let’s hope that means we’ll be getting a Season 6 premiere date sooner than later! 🤞”

Clearly, that did not happen and it was rumored that the show was held up because of Jenna Ronan. Some believed that TLC wanted to be able to film her birth and then end the season. That happened in November and the new season did not start until Monday, June 3rd, 2024.

The Finale

Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop’s wedding was likely meant to be the Unexpected Season 6 finale. Now, it is unclear if they will use Jenna Ronan’s birth for that instead. However, fans were thrilled to learn that they had officially tied the knot:

  • Yay I can’t wait to see the new episodes 😍hyped for her wedding congratulations Lilly
  • Congratulations lily and Lawrence❤️

On the heels of her wedding, her mother, Kim, and her longtime partner, Glenn, tied the knot, as well. So, there was a whole lot of love going around.

Are you excited that they made it down the aisle despite the drama? Let us know and watch Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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