‘Unexpected’ Lilly Bennett Celebrates Lavish Wedding

Lilly Bennett-Unexpected-Instagram

Unexpected star Lilly Bennett celebrated a lavish wedding over the weekend. With Lawrence Bishop by her side, they looked exceptionally gorgeous and ready for a vow exchange. As Season 6 is getting ready to set a premiere date, what exactly happened at the nuptials? Read on for more details on the big day.

Unexpected Lilly Bennett Celebrates Lavish Wedding

Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop have been together for four years now. Though her first relationship with her daughter’s father did not work out, there was much more hope this time around. The two went on to welcome their son, LJ as well as get engaged. They ended up moving in together which was a big step for Lilly. She had always been with her mother so having to answer to a partner was a different beast. Lawrence did not always understand how she stayed home all day with two kids yet the house was never tidy.

Lilly Bennett, Lawrence-Unexpected-YouTube
Lilly Bennett, Lawrence-Unexpected-YouTube

At the end of Season 5, the two were looking at a venue that they both really loved but money was a factor. In the end, Lawrence and Lilly Bennett ended up moving into her parents’ home. The couple plus the two children had been renting and this seemed to make more sense so they could have more room. At the same time, her mother Kim, and her partner, Glenn went into 55+ living. They have been together for a long time but never tied the knot until now.

Lilly Bennett took to Instagram to show off Kim and Glenn’s lavish double wedding from the weekend. They shared the day with Lilly’s aunt and it was gorgeous. Lilly was decked in a long, deep blue dress with a slit up the side and glittery short boots with Lawrence in a matching suit. Her daughter wore a frilly white dress with her hair pulled back while LJ donned a matching suit to his dad. In the caption, she wrote: “Congratulations to my mama @kimbennett3 & glenn. & my aunt and uncle @bibigallanti.america. what a beautiful wedding! ❤️🥳”

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As seen from the photos, Kim Bennett was a gorgeous princess bride. Yet, she is not the only bride in the family. It was confirmed that Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop had tied the knot earlier this year. She is one of the two returning Unexpected cast members along with Jenna Ronan. Filming would end after a big event and it seems that the wedding will be just that.

Are you happy that both Lilly and her mother have found their happy endings? More so, are you looking forward to seeing Lilly and Lawrence’s story continue to play out? Let us know in the comments below.

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