‘Unexpected’: Are Lilly And Lawrence Still Together?

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Season 5 of Unexpected is well underway and there has been plenty of criticism about the couples. There has also been a lot of curiosity if all of the couples survived the year. One duo that has caught fan attention is Lilly Bennett and her fiance, Lawrence Bishop. They seem to be trying their hardest but could they go the distance?

Unexpected Fans Meet Lilly Bennett

Viewers first met Lilly in Season 1 of the series. She appeared alongside her boyfriend, James who had several siblings. Therefore, he felt he would be okay as a father, according to Screen Rant. Lilly really felt Lamaze classes would benefit her, James, and their baby but he deemed it as a waste of money. Since he was one of seven, he felt he knew all he needed to welcome a child into the world. He still tried to make their situation work in some sense so he gave her a promise ring. Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep their relationship going strong and they crumbled. She became a single mother to their daughter Aaliyah and departed the series.

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Lilly returned in Season 4 alongside her new beau, Lawrence. Their relationship went into overdrive when she learned she was pregnant with the couple’s first child together. It was revealed they were having a boy and though he was shaken up, he was still excited. In November of 2020, baby Lawrence was born just one month after his papa proposed. This season, they are still trying to make it work but have they succeeded?

Still Together?

For Lilly, this season has been extremely transitional. She finally moved out of her mother’s home to be with Lawrence. Unfortunately, he is not the easiest to live with. When he gets home from work, he claims the house is too messy. He does not feel Lilly pulls her weight and does not understand why there is such a mess. There are two children running around all day and it is just becoming way too stressful for the couple who want to live a happy life. Has this finally broken them? Thankfully, it looks like they are still very much a happy family. Over the weekend, Lilly took to her Instagram to share some very happy family photos.

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They all celebrated Easter together and were beaming as a family of four. Lilly’s mom also had fun with them and her followers could not get enough. “Such a beautiful family,” one commented. However, some could not help but note they were shocked they were still together. “Beautiful Family, Happy for y’all I’m surprised y’all still together the way bro be acting on the show. Maybe it’s the way they chose to edit.” Another offered advice: “Beautiful family. Put God in your relationship and it will last 4ever!” For now, they seem quite content and that is all that matters.

Are you surprised they are still together? Let us know and do not miss Unexpected every Sunday on TLC.

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