Bachelor Nation Stars Rumored To Be On ‘The Traitors’ Season 3

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The alleged cast list for Season 3 of Peacock’s The Traitors is spreading online. Which Bachelor Nation stars are rumored to join the competition? Keep reading to find out.

Season 3 of The Traitors Reportedly Begins Filming

Beloved actor Alan Cumming has hosted The Traitors since it began on Peacock in 2023. Fans are gearing up for the show’s third season, and Alan Cumming teased online that the show has begun filming. Or, at least, the cast list has been completed. Of course, he kept the cast list close to his tailored vest.

The first season of The Traitors featured a mix of reality stars and non-famous people in a Scottish castle competing for a large sum of money by outlasting their competitors. But Season 2 returned with a cast list of just celebrities from various reality shows throughout the years.

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk competed in Season 1 and almost won. Peter Weber, the Season 24 Bachelor, joined Season 2. He didn’t win, but he impressed viewers with his cunning plays.

Bachelor Nation stars Arie Luyendyk and Peter Weber/Credit: Peacock YouTube
Bachelor Nation stars Arie Luyendyk and Peter Weber/Credit: Peacock YouTube

Which Bachelor Nation star or stars could be part of the Season 3 cast?

Bachelor Nation Stars Rumored To Join Competition?

The rumored Season 3 cast includes multiple competitors from CBS’s hit competition shows Survivor and Big Brother. There are also allegedly multiple Real Housewives from various cities and other Bravolebs.

But who will represent the iconic Bachelor franchise? The historic first Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, is rumored to be competing in Season 3 of Fox’s Special Forces. So far, only men from the franchise have competed on The Traitors. And if the rumored cast list is correct, that trend continues into Season 3.

The first rumored name to compete on the Peacock show is known for his bartending skills and sage advice: Bachelor In Paradise resident bartender Wells Adams. The timing would be perfect because Bachelor In Paradise allegedly isn’t filming this year.

Reality TV News shared the rumored list on Twitter. The other Bachelor Nation star named was Sean Lowe, but his name was later removed. But it’s unclear if there will be another competitor from The Bachelor franchise or if Wells Adams will be the only one representing the franchise on Season 3.

But the cast list is still unconfirmed, so things could change again before the official announcement. Hopefully, it will come soon, though Season 3 likely won’t air until early 2025.

If the cast list is correct, are you excited to see Wells Adams and/or Sean Lowe on The Traitors? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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