Real Reason ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Isn’t Returning In 2024?

'Bachelor In Paradise' bartender Wells Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube

ABC hasn’t officially canceled Bachelor In Paradise but one fan has a theory about the real reason it won’t air in 2024. Keep reading for more.

Huge Sign Bachelor In Paradise Won’t Air in 2024

Bachelor In Paradise began in 2014 as a fun summer show where Bachelor Nation alums hit the beach to hopefully find love. But in recent years, the show was pushed back to a September start date. In 2023, the show aired directly after the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelor.

Season 9 should have had a happy ending with three couples leaving the beach engaged or in a relationship. However, all three couples broke up almost immediately after leaving the beach.

As the months since the November 2023 finale passed with no word of a Season 10, fans grew concerned. Many blamed low ratings and the multiple breakups as a possible reason the show wouldn’t air this year. There are rumors that it has been canceled altogether.

Bachelor In Paradise' Logo/ABC YouTube
Bachelor In Paradise’ Logo/ABC YouTube

ABC has remained mum on the future of Bachelor In Paradise. But one telling sign seems to indicate that the show has been scrapped for the year and won’t air in 2024.

The network recently released its fall television schedule. The lineup included a first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette airing for 90 minutes every Wednesday. Mondays are reserved for football and Tuesdays are when celebs hit the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars.

So, with a packed fall schedule, Bachelor In Paradise appears to be shelved for this year but fans are hoping it will return next summer or fall.

Is This The Real Reason?

With no comment from ABC, Bachelor Nation fans are left to speculate about what’s going on with BIP. One fan took to Reddit to share a screenshot they came across of a possible reason for the delay.

According to the screenshotted post, the resort in Mexico where BIP usually films has been sold. The new owners allegedly didn’t want to continue to let the reality show film there. The post speculated that the network didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a new location and put BIP on hold for a year instead.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Fans React

Many Bachelor Nation fans didn’t buy the resort being sold as a plausible excuse for BIP not airing. One fan wrote, “Meh, I feel that’s an easy out for not continuing. They could have made it work in another location (ala Canadian BIP) if they wanted to and there was demand for it.”

Another added, “Nah. Love island USA filmed on a Vegas rooftop one season no excuse.”

If the rumor is true, a few fans thought it was a good thing. “I hope they find a much better place to film where they can let the contestants sleep in air conditioning. But I will miss the crabs,” one view wrote.

Another added, “I’ve always HATED the accommodations in paradise. It’s so hot and everybody is sweating. They could have easily found a beach spot that wasn’t miserable with the heat. No wonder nobody has fun.”

Do you think the hotel being sold is a possible reason why BIP isn’t returning 2024 or could there be another reason? Sound off in the comments.

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