Peter Weber Reveals If ‘Traitors’ Limits Alcohol Like ‘Bachelor’

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Ever since an incident that shut down production, the Bachelor franchise has a drink limit. Peter Weber reveals if Traitors does too. Keep reading for more on his surprising answer.

Why Bachelor Imposed Two-Drink Rule

Alcohol is practically its own character on reality TV shows. Some shows have the booze free-flowing for contestants or stars to enjoy throughout filming. But years before The Real Housewives franchise came under fire for allegedly encouraging the ladies to drink, alcohol was the center of a huge scandal in the Bachelor franchise.

Filming of Season 4 of the Bachelor In Paradise spinoff was briefly shut down in 2017. Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were allegedly drunk and engaged in non-consensual intimate acts.

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An internal investigation revealed no wrongdoing, and production resumed without Corinne and DeMario. Additionally, new rules were put in place to curb excessive drinking. A new drink rule limited how much alcohol could be consumed. The rule allows two drinks per hour, but Wells Adams recently revealed how contestants break the rule.

Peter Weber Reveals If Traitors Limits Alcohol

Arie Luyendyk and Peter Weber are two former Bachelor stars who competed on Peacock’s show The Traitors. Peter and his Season 2 co-star Trishelle Cannatella appeared on Jason Tartick’s podcast recently to dish everything about The Traitors.

Jason Tartick was a contestant on The Bachelorette and also just ended a long-term relationship with Bachelor Nation alum Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Trishelle revealed secrets about the cast’s pay. Jason Tartick asked Peter if there was a two-drink limit on the Traitors like Bachelor has. Peter responded, “That’s not really the kind of vibe” the show is going for.

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He pointed out that The Traitors is more analytical competition and contestants need to keep their wits about them. Jason thought that it would be funny to get a contestant tipsy to get information out of them.

Peter chimed in that something like that did happen with Ekin-Su and another contestant. While The Traitors doesn’t have a strict drink limit, both Trishelle and Peter agreed the contestants stick to an occasional glass of wine. Trishelle quipped that it was the only reality show she did sober.

Trishelle and Peter dropped other tea about Season 2 of The Traitors. You can watch the hour-long podcast interview below.

Does it surprise you that contestants don’t drink much on The Traitors? Should The Bachelor franchise get rid of the drink limit rule? Sound off in the comments.

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