‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Attracts Crowds At Special Event, Pic

Meri Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans saw Meri Brown at a special event. While there she was seemingly attracting a large crowd.

Meri Brown Is Starting To Rub Some Fans The Wrong Way

Although Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, is getting some pushback about her business life, fans still seem to appreciate her resilience after leaving the plural marriage with Kody, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. Undeniably, she is entering a new stage of her life. However, with some of her business decisions, she seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. But fans were excited to see Meri out and about at a big event this weekend.

Meri Brown discussing Worthy Up. - Facebook
Meri Brown discussing Worthy Up. – Facebook

Meri Brown Attracts Crowds At Special Event

On Reddit, one Sister Wives fan posted a photo of the star “in the wild.” They started a discussion by saying, “Meri at Disney.” Then they add, “My first time spotting any of the Browns in the wild! I didn’t want to disturb her but she was walking out of a gift shop in Animal Kingdom as I was walking in.” Seemingly, it was a pleasant encounter for the poster over the weekend. As the passerby takes a photo, fans can see a crowd forming around Meri Brown.

  • Another fan commented on her hair looking good. Saying, “Her hair looks softer here, it looks nice.”
  • “She just had it colored the other day. Post on her Instagram of all the foil on her head.”
Getting her hair refreshed for "Daycation." - Instagram
Meri Brown gets her hair refreshed for “Daycation.” – Instagram
  • But someone else identified her reason for being at Disney. Saying, “Yeah she’s having a Worthy Up meet-up thing there today.”
Fans see Meri Brown gathering a crowd at a special event. - Reddit
Fans see Meri Brown gathering a crowd at a special event. – Reddit
  • “The person in front of her is holding a Worthy Up hat.”
  • “Ewww. I’d be embarrassed to wear it too.”

Fans Discuss The Event

Once the Sister Wives fans figured out the event Meri Brown was attending was for Worthy Up, there were several strong opinions. Undoubtedly, there has already been controversy over Meri’s business ventures.

Meri Brown's business portfolio. - meribrown.com
Meri Brown’s business portfolio. – meribrown.com
  • “Wait, there are actual people who paid to join her group …. Club … thing?”
  • “It’s actually ‘sold out’ according to the website.”

    Daycation was a sold out Worthy Up special event at Disney. - Worthy Up
    Meri Brown hosts a sold-out Worthy Up special event at Disney. – Worthy Up Website

Meri Brown Gets More Backlash For BusinessWhile Meri is working with her Worthy Up group, some people are scrutinizing the new business. Although the business is based on her connecting with a community of people about their inherent worthiness, she has been hit with backlash for the prices. Some people weren’t sure what the money would truly get them, while some people were critical of her credentials to help others. But this group of Redditors’ main surprise was over the price for the “Daycation.”

  • “Expensive place for a meet up!?”
  • “Yup and it wasn’t free, there was an additional fee on top of the membership to attend today (although part of that fee included your park ticket I believe).”
  • “Plus the travel costs to get there $$$$.”
  • “Ugh, I don’t respect Meri at all. She’s using ppl just like Kody used her.”
  • But another fan reminds readers, “They aren’t making anyone buy anything.”

    Worthy Up has three tiers for content. - Worthy Up
    Meri Brown’s business, Worthy Up, has three tiers for content. – Worthy Up

Meri at Disney
byu/Outrageous-Tower-785 inSisterWives

What do you think about Meri Brown’s special event at Disney? Do you think she is accomplishing what she wants with her Worthy Up business? Do you think it is helping her clients? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives? Drop your comment below.

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