‘Sister Wives’ Does Meri Brown Still Sell LuLaRoe Products?

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Meri Brown pushed LuLaRoe for years despite getting a lot of backlash from Sister Wives fans, but is she still selling the clothing line products? Plenty of TLC fans think that she made a lot of money off the business. However, they also know that some people struggle after joining a downline.

TLC Star Meri Brown Had A Big Home For LuLaRoe Stock

While Janelle Brown lived in a small home in Flagstaff, and in her RV, Kody’s former first wife lived in a big home. That seemed strange, because her only child, Leon had moved away years before. However, it turned out that she needed a lot of space because she held a lot of stock for LuLaRoe.

sister wives meri brown
Sister Vives Meri Brown

When Meri Brown spoke with Robyn and Kody Brown about moving, she mentioned relocating her business. Presumably, she meant her LuLaRoe stock. But on social media, TLC fans don’t see her constantly advertising the MLM product line. Additionally, she launched several other businesses recently. Perhaps she just doesn’t have the time to market LuLaRoe.

Sister Wives Fans Discuss The Business

On Thursday, a TLC fan took to Reddit to ask about the MLM business. In their caption, they wrote:

Is Lularoe still going strong? Is Meri still doing this? How in the world are people still buying this ugly stuff. I’m wondering if this is finally slowing down so she finally needs to pivot to another scam (worthy up)

Sister Wives star Meri Brown - Facebook
Sister Wives star Meri Brown – Facebook

If you don’t know, Meri Brown’s Worthy Up business is a new motivational platform and many Sister Wives fans were shocked at the prices that she charges for it.

The discussion revealed that most likely, Kody’s ex still sells the products, and apparently, she still helps to train people. One of them even shared a screenshot of the business page for it. Here are some of the observations made:

  • Yes Meri is still selling it.
  • I figure her fans are the ones buying from her. I’ve assumed that’s how she got so big with it in the first place.
  • Christine and Jenelle (sic) got out and moved on to Plexus.
  • The leggings are $25, most of the shirts are around $40, and there’s even one style that was over $100. I was never a retailer, but for a while, it was all I wore. I gained a bunch of weight, it was comfy, and I didn’t have to go to a store and try tons of stuff on.


  • Meri Brown LuLaRoe - Via Reddit
    Meri Brown LuLaRoe – Via Reddit

What are your thoughts about Meri Brown still being with LuLaRoe? Did you think that she had moved on from the business? Do you think that perhaps the TLC star just sells to existing customers as she’s busy doing other projects? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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