‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Dotes On Benefits Of Working For LuLaRoe

Meri Brown Instagram

Financially, Sister Wives fans can only assume Meri Brown does pretty well for herself thanks to her LuLaRoe business. In fact, many believe she does well enough that it is one of the big reasons why Kody Brown still clings to his wife that seemingly wants nothing to do with him. Meri Brown always seems really happy when she hops on Facebook Live to sell LuLaRoe too! In fact, the TLC personality took to Instagram this afternoon to dote on just how much she loves her job.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown appreciates LuLaRoe

Meri Brown gives her LuLaRoe business 100 percent of her effort all of the time. It isn’t just a product she tries to get people to buy because she has a huge following thanks to Sister Wives. She actually believes in the product. She is almost always wearing LuLaRoe product. Most of her family supports LuLaRoe as well. So, no one was too surprised when she took to Instagram this afternoon to dote on how much she loved the company.

“One of the many super cool things about working with an amazing company like @lularoe is that it give us as retailers the opportunity to give back, to pay it forward, and to help communities through fundraising,” Meri Brown penned on Instagram.

In addition to being a nice source of income and a very successful business venture… LuLaRoe also offers her a unique opportunity to give back to the community. And, Meri Brown is all about helping others when she can. Meri Brown’s post was about more than doting on the company though. She also wanted to share what type of pay it forward project she was working on.

The Deer Forest in Coloma, MI

Meri Brown’s latest pay it forward project has landed her in Michigan. And, she’s spending time with a very close friend of hers. She explains that her friends passion for a very long time was to bring life back to a deer forest located in Coloma, MI. And, she wants to do her part to help.

“A sanctuary for animals, the Disneyland of Michigan, and a magical place during the holidays, I can’t wait to see this place restored and brought back to its original glory!!” She continued to explain.

Meri Brown Instagram

Meri concluded her post by telling her followers how they could help contribute to the cause: “You, too, can contribute to the cause! All sales from my website meribrown.com (clickable link in my bio) from now through Dec 13, will go toward making Deer Forest alive again!”

So, will you be purchasing from Meri Brown? Do you like her current charity venture? Sound off in the comments!

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