‘Sister Wives’ Real Reason Robyn Mocked Janelle About Her Rock Music?

Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

Sister Wives fans know that Robyn and Janelle Brown have quite a tumultuous relationship. At this point, fans don’t think much can be done to repair the relationship.

Robyn has frequently shamed Janelle throughout the course of the show. But after Janelle left Kody, one Sister Wives viewer admits they are seeing Robyn’s relationship with Janelle in a new light.

What did they have to say?

A Sister Wives Fan Finds Something Interesting In An Old Episode

It’s no secret that Robyn Brown often felt jealous when Kody Brown would give attention to his other wives. But recently, one Sister Wives viewer thinks that Janelle’s affection for concerts and rock music may have also fueled Robyn’s rage.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“Is this why Robyn’s so mean about Janelle going to concerts?” a Redditor asked online.”I got curious about whether any of the ex-wives purged their socials of Kody after the break ups the way many people do with their exes. Janelle apparently didn’t since pics of two concert dates (and other pics through the years) are still up. Now I’m looking at this scene a little differently lol.”

The OP attached a screenshot of Robyn saying, “You know, when we were in Vegas, she went to several rock concerts and wore black T-shirts and heavy make-up and stuff.”

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from Diredragons on Reddit

They also attached a screenshot of Janelle’s Instagram page, indicating she and Kody were at a concert together in September 2017. Kody and Janelle seem incredibly happy and enjoying each other’s company.

“Kody and I may really regret the second night in a row LOL. But we couldn’t pass up Depeche Mode! I love the concert opportunities Las Vegas,” Janelle wrote.


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Redditors Drag Robyn Over The “Pearl-Clutching”

Although Reddit users couldn’t say for sure whether this was the cause of Robyn’s pettiness, they agreed the OP made a good point. Several viewers shared that Robyn seemed to be clutching at her pearls and judging Janelle for no reason. Other Sister Wives fans wrote:

  • The fact that Robyn considers U2 and Depeche Mode as ‘hard rock’ explains why she considers flannel black t-shirts.”
  • She is trying to imply she’s goth but these photos are just of her enjoying herself. And Robyn can’t stand people having fun without her.”
  • What Robyn wanted to say is ‘she went to several rock concerts and took my husband with her!'”
  • Oh she’s trying soooo hard to come off as cool and accepting of others- but still clutch her pearls with a death grip- so everyone knows that she is the pure one, who would never wear a black T-shirt, or listen to the Devil’s Music.”

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