‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Shares Evie Medical Update

Caleb Brush, Maddie Brown Brush, baby Joey, and Evie from Instagram

Even though Maddie Brown Brush isn’t active with Sister Wives any longer, fans are still interested in her life. She and her husband Caleb Brush live in North Carolina with their three children, Axel, Evie, and Josephine.

Middle child Evie was born with FACTO syndrome, meaning some of her bones didn’t develop fully. She uses a prosthetic leg to get around and will need bigger ones as she gets older and grows.

Recently, Evie chose a brand new prosthetic that Maddie couldn’t wait to show off to followers. Keep reading to learn more.

Maddie Brown Brush Gives Fans An Update On Daughter Evie

Even though Evie Brush is differently abled, her parents Maddie and Caleb are doing everything in their power to make the world accessible for her. When she was very little, they made the decision to amputate part of her leg and fit her with a prosthetic instead.

It was an incredibly difficult choice, but they knew they were doing what was right for their child. Sister Wives fans can see that Evie is a very happy little girl as she grows and plays with her siblings.

Caleb Brush, Maddie Brown Brush, and their children, Axel, Evie, And Josephine from Instagram
Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Now that Evie is a little older, it’s time for her to get a new prosthetic. Maddie Brown Brush shared a photo of the colorful medical device on social media.

“Evie’s new prosthetic- I love how this one looks,” the mother of three shared on Instagram. “New prosthetic obtained. She chose a unicorn this time. I personally like this a lot better than the pink she chose last time.”

Maddie Brown Brush from Instagram
Maddie Brush/Instagram

Since it was just an Instagram story, comments weren’t publicly visible to other fans. However, many Sister Wives fans seemed to love the new design. It’s wonderful that healthcare companies can make prosthetics look fun and exciting for children.

Will The Brush Children Have Grandma Janelle Around More?

After Garrison Brown took his own life in March, Janelle Brown has been spending more time with her surviving children. Even though Maddie Brush and her family live on the other side of the country, Janelle enjoys going out to see them.

Some fans even speculated that Janelle is making plans to move out to North Carolina. After Garrison’s tragic death, there might be too many painful memories for her in Flagstaff.

Although it’s a complicated situation, the Brush family would really enjoy having Janelle so close. Caleb and Maddie love parenting their three children, but extra hands are always helpful. Axel, Evie, and Josephine would also love spending more time with their grandmother.

What do you think about Maddie Brown’s latest medical update about her daughter Evie? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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