‘Sister Wives’ Fan Reveals Who Meri Brown Is In Public

Meri Brown - Sister Wives

While the Sister Wives community sees the Brown family interact on reality TV, it is always in the back of fans’ minds that people may not be who they seem. But how much of the ins and outs of an episode is choreographed by producers and the camera crew? Oftentimes, Meri Brown is portrayed as straight-laced and adamantly family-driven during the show. However, on Fridays with Friends, Meri seemingly lets her hair down and is charismatic and joyful. So what is she like in real life? Well, one fan’s encounter will give some perspective.

Who Is Meri Brown In Real Life?

Undeniably, while Sister Wives is reality TV, it is unquestionable that the network influences the scenes that play for viewers. For instance, the world watched from the beginning as a happy family with bouts of chaos balanced their lives with the help of their bond in plural marriage. That is until it fell apart. Notably, Kody and Meri Brown were the first two pillars of the union. While they show photos of their marriage bliss, it is early on that Meri comes across as a controlling force within the family. As things became more unstable, she began to grasp for more control but unfortunately watched as the ground diminished beneath her. Sadly, over time, the love loss between Kody and Meri becomes more and more apparent until the final unraveling in Season 18.

Meri Brown/YouTube
Meri and Kody Brown, The Early Years of Sister Wives – YouTube

Post Kody Brown

After Meri Brown left the grips of an unequally yoked marriage, she seems more light-hearted. With the influence of her close friend Jenn Sullivan and distance from Kody Brown, Meri looks healthier and happier than ever. Undoubtedly, the Brown’s family instilling of fearful roots were evident in their daily lives. That sentiment alone will free a person once they get away from fearmongering.

Meri Brown and her friend Jenn from Instagram
Meri Brown and her friend Jenn – Instagram

But how much of her “happy” persona is for business purposes? Is her more current portrayal evidence she has done some deep personal work on healing? Most likely, after moving to a new location she did some soul searching and found help. Undeniably, she had years if not a lifetime of trauma to recover from. With a safe environment, she may struggle less with controlling every detail. Seemingly, her new business, Worthy Up is digging into the acceptance of self, quieting the internal noise, and taking back the power to grow.

One Fan Reports About Meri Brown’s Treatment

One Sister Wives fan reports back after a Parowan sighting of Meri Brown. When Meri was caught in the open by one fan’s husband, she was polite and kind to stop and take a photo for a fan at home. In the photo, Meri smiles for the camera. Unmistakably, the husband proudly reports that Meri is very nice and funny in real life. Without a doubt, it is always good to hear about times celebrities are kind in real life. Certainly, it is good news to know she is the spit-fire person she comes across as in her recent videos.

Meri Brown takes time to snap a photo with a fan's husband. - Instagram
Meri Brown takes time to snap a photo with a fan’s husband. – Sister Wives – Instagram

What do you think about Meri Brown’s new lease on life? Do you think she is as genuine as she seems in her videos? Have you ever talked to Meri in real life? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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