Meri Brown Jokes About Robbery, Smiles Bigger Than Ever

Meri Brown-Instagram

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was seen joking about robbery but, as she was doing so, she was smiling bigger and brighter than ever. Since she, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown Woolley left Kody Brown, they have never looked better. They radiate and fans have picked up on this. So, why was she cracking up over being robbed? Keep reading for more details.

Meri Brown Jokes About Robbery, Smiles Bigger Than Ever

It has been extremely hard for Meri Brown over the last two months. The Brown family experienced a horrific tragedy when son, Garrison Brown took his own life. Though it forced everyone to come back together, it was still the most horrific experience. Along with that, Meri had started dating again after leaving her more than thirty-year marriage to Kody Brown. She proudly showed off her new man, Amos Andrews but that fizzled and it did not help that he had some past skeletons. Luckily, she had started a new business and was feeling good about life.

Meri Brown-Instagram
Meri Brown-Instagram

Now, Meri is continuing to make the best out of the life she is creating and building for herself. She recently made a TikTok video joking about burglary. The caption talked about coming home at night and just being convinced that there is a burglar in your home. It’s something many people have probably been through, especially women but as Meri was filming this clip, she could not stop laughing. Not that these situations are anything to laugh about but she was filming with her friends.

@therealmeribrown Yah… dont mess with us… PLEASE 🤣 #safeandsound #coastisclear #intimidating #wevealldoneit ♬ original sound – Meri Brown

It was clear Meri Brown was just having a great time, being free and silly, letting herself go. Those who viewed it noticed, as well and they headed to the comment section:

  • Love to see her laugh. Never saw that side of her.
  • It’s the “giiiiiiiiyoutttt” that sent me!
  • I’ve only seen her smile and laugh after she left Kody! 🥰
  • I love seeing her smile! She’s glowing! I’m so exciting for her

Only Crying

Some Sister Wives fans pointed out that they only saw Meri Brown crying on the show. So, it was very refreshing to see her happy, smiling, and laughing in these moments. There had been times when Meri and Christine Brown Woolley would run around and start cracking up. Yet, as time went by, those moments were few and far between. It is also great that Meri is getting positive feedback since her new Worthy Up endeavor has not been as well received as she would have liked it. Fans have been complaining about the fees and hefty price tag. Now, she may be able to monetize her skits on TikTok.

What did you think of Meri cracking herself up? Was it amazing to see her finally completely let go and be happy in her own skin? Let us know in the comments below.

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