‘Sister Wives’ Will Robyn Brown’s Daughter Marry On Season 19?

Robyn Brown -Sister Wives

Undeniably, Season 19 is a hot topic in the minds of Sister Wives viewers. While some people think it will cover the vow renewal of Kody and Robyn Brown, others believe it’s going in another direction.

Sister Wives Has A Tricky Situation

Undoubtedly, there are many questions about what Sister Wives Season 19 will look like, especially after the tragic loss of Garrison Brown. Recently, there were discussions about the new season needing to move in a new direction. While some fans can’t stomach the thought of seeing any footage with the belated Garrison, others want to get ahold of any filming with the sweet soul possible. As many people know, the filming finishes long before releasing it to the public, so most likely there is new documentation of life with Garrison. However, some fans believe it is time to clear the slate and start over.

The Browns, Sister Wives
The Browns –Sister Wives

Some fans hope to see TLC cover the lives of the kids rather than rehash the division in the plural marriage between Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown. Without a doubt, there would be a plethora of topics to cover with the kids growing and making lives for themselves outside of the constructs of their parents. But now fans think the new season might include a celebration of marriage for one of Robyn’s daughters.

Will Roby Brown’s Daughter Marry On Season 19?

Since Robyn Brown’s daughter, Aurora Brown, introduced a boyfriend into the picture in Season 18, some people think that is the writing on the wall. After mentioning a boy, it seems plausible TLC may be planting a clue for the new season. On Reddit, the Sister Wives community is tossing around some ideas of what Season 19 might look like. One user says, “Taking bets now.” Then, they discuss the upcoming season. Saying, “So how many wanna bet it’s not a renewal of vows but aurora is getting married!! Think about it they spoke of a boy she was dating in season 18 while visiting Meri house. That’s the one thing Robyn hasn’t done on the show and that’s me mother of the bride!!”

Robyn Brown, Breanna Brown, and Aurora Brown from Instagram
Robyn Brown, Breanna Brown, and Aurora Brown – Instagram

Many believe TLC is lining up Robyn to be the mother of the bride. Likewise, it gives Aurora a special moment in the spotlight.

Fans Discuss Robyn Brown’s Daughter Entering Marriage

Seemingly, it wasn’t too far-fetched for some Sister Wives to think about what a wedding would mean for Robyn Brown and her little nugget, Aurora Brown.

  • “And Robyn gives a super awkward speech about how proud she is aurora still has her purity whilst tearfully reminding everyone hers was stolen.”
  • “Kody officiates and spends time talking about how he protected aurora’s purity. aurora has a panic attack during the ceremony and has to be carried back to her horse drawn carriage.”
  • “I got a bomb for ya – Kody picks the dress.”
  • “But Robyn doesn’t know Kody picks the dress and it’s revealed in a talking head JUST LIKE IT HAPPENED TO THE OG3.”
One Redditor remembers Sister Wives Robyn Brown's reaction during the wedding dress discussion. - Reddit
One Redditor remembers Robyn Brown’s reaction during the wedding dress discussion. – Reddit
  • “Probably be even more entertaining tbh 🤣🤦‍♀️.” Adding, “bet they won’t worry about venues and budgets like they did the actual brown girls.”
  • “I bet there will be at least an engagement with one of the girls.”

What do you think? Could Robyn Brown’s daughter, Aurora Brown, be the next focus on Season 19? Will TLC go with a vow renewal for Robyn and Kody? What do you think Sister Wives Season 19 will cover? Drop your comments below.

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