Courtney Waldrop Shares Creative Sextuplet Skills

Eric and Courtney Waldrop - Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets alum, Courtney Waldrop is long on stories and short in naming the sextuplets when she posts about her children, and one of them turns out to be extremely inventive. The problem is, which one? Read on to decide and see some videos of the clever little TLC star.

Courtney Waldrop Often Shares About The Kids

Most pictures that the Sweet Home Sextuplets mom posts show the sextuplets in group situations. However, on occasion, she dedicates a single post to each child. Doing this gives each of them their own individuality plus helps fans learn to tell them apart.

Waldrop sextuplets - instagram
Waldrop sextuplets – Instagram

It’s been a long time since Courtney Waldrop and her family of nine kids appeared on TLC. When the show was canceled, the news arrived that Courtney and her husband, Eric chose that option. It came not long after the children were potty trained and running around the park on their own. So, three years later, many fans can’t easily identify them.

Which Sweet Home Sextuplets Kid Is Inventive?

Many TLC fans still think of the sextuplets as tiny tots, but they are six now and look quite different. In the photo below, the top left is a screenshot from the latest Instagram story about an inventive child. Is he Blu, shown at the top right with his sassy attitude? Or is he Layke with that sweet smile at the bottom left? Perhaps it’s thoughtful Tag at the bottom right. Can you pick the right one? Our guess is Blu.

Which sextuplet is the one at top left - Courtney Waldrop - TLC
Which sextuplet is the one at the top left?  – Courtney Waldrop – TLC

Courtney Waldrop didn’t say which of her boys it was. Instead, she captioned her video with:

This boy!! I think here may be an engineer one day!!

In the two videos, TLC fans saw that using tape and scissors, a contraption was made that meant a little trailer was attached to the back of a bike. Nobody helped the Sweet Home Sextuplets’ boy with his clever invention. But, he said that he used “a lot of tape.” 

In a way, it’s a pity that the two videos came on the TLC star’s stories because fans love to comment about the children. In the past, she showed them helping with the livestock, having lots of fun, or being super cute on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, they all celebrate milestones together. As the kids seem so adorable, that explains why, despite not being on TV, their mom has over half a million followers.

Can you tell which of the sextuplets is so inventive? What do you think of the contraption that he rigged up? Shout out in the comment below, and come back here for all your Sweet Hime Sextuplets news.

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