‘Sweet Home Sextuplets:’ Blu Waldrop READY For Rollercoasters

Blu Waldrop YouTube

Sweet Home Sextuplets family recently planned an adventure to the Dollywood Theme Park, and young Blu Waldrop was all charged and ready to hit the rollercoaster. After his recent struggles with swimming lessons, the 4-year-old braved the water and managed to swim off the diving board. He even tried it a second time, and sure enough, Courtney was a proud mama.

Blu Waldrop Ready To Explore The Roller Coaster

Seems like the big win has got Blu eager for adventures! The 40-year-old shared some cool pictures of young Blu Waldrop all dressed up for the exciting crusade.

Blu Waldrop YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Blu wore a white t-shirt with a picture of a funny shark wearing sunglasses. The quote on the t-shirt read ‘Fantastic.’ The young Waldrop completed the look with stylish blue and black sunglasses and blue check shorts.

The mother of nine captioned the Instagram story, “Blu is ready!!”

Blu Waldrop YouTube

[Source: Instagram]

Courtney also updated fans on the trip and shared several updates on her Instagram account. She shared a video of the family entering their cabin in Dollywood as the young ones explored each and every corner.

The reality star captioned the post, “We’re Here!! We’ve made it to Pigeon Forge, and you would think we are at Disney World. Ok, now let’s see if Eric and I can survive. Dolly Parton Stampede here we come, then headed to Dollywood.”

Fans Offer To Babysit The Sextuplets

Fans chimed in at how happy the family looked. One commented, “We are very happy for you!!”

Another commented, “Courtney, we were at Dollywood today and was so hoping to see y’all with our first little 2-month-old, Saylor! Y’all are so brave! It’s so hard with just one and HOT!”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A third asked, “Need some sitters?? I’ve got 3 kids (us too) that would love to see you all.”

A fourth commented, “The Dolly Parton stampede is sooooo much fun!!!”

A fifth jokingly mentioned, “It must be so wonderful when they are all asleep!!!”

Courtney & Eric Waldrop Decide What’s Right For The Family

The TLC series ended with its third season. However, the Sweet Home Sextuplets couple Courtney and Eric Waldrop keep the fans updated. From Blu’s swimming adventures to daddy Eric’s struggle to help his daughter Rayne with a ponytail, fans get updated on it all.

Last year in July, the couple confirmed in a YouTube video that the TLC series wouldn’t return for a fourth season. Courtney explained, “So, we filmed for three seasons, and we ended last summer. We ended last July, I think.”

Courtney and Eric Waldrop YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“But since then, we have not been filming, and we have not had any film crews in our house. And we have decided that what’s best for our family right now is to not continue with the show,” she concluded.

Do you wish for the series to return on TLC? Do you love Blu’s adventures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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