‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Eric Waldrop’s Family Crazy For Baseball

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The Sweet Home Sextuplets‘ dad, Eric Waldrop coaches the boys at baseball, but the entire family plays at home, and there are enough of them, to field a whole team. TLC fans miss seeing the six little kids, the twins, and their older brother Saylor on TV, but mom Courtney keeps everyone updated on social media. This week, the family were out in the late afternoon enjoying a game near their lovely ranch-style home.

Baseball Crazy Waldrop Family

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans were devastated when Courtney Waldrop told them the family was not returning to TLC. However, it seems understandable as they were raising the sextuplets. Additionally, Eric runs livestock on their ranch, and he owns a landscaping business. Furthermore, he coached the bigger boys, Saylor and the twins, Wales and Bridge at baseball. So, filming on top of all of that was exhausting.

Eric Waldrop Taking The Boys To Baseball - TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets
Eric Waldrop Taking The Boys To Baseball – TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets

Now that the little kids are older, and well past their potty training stage, all of the kids play games. The sextuplet boys, Blu, Tag, and Layke started playing the game at a young age. Although the girls, Rayne, Rivers, and Rawlings seem to prefer dancing, they also play baseball under the watchful eye of Eric Waldrop. At their home, everyone often has a fun time engaging in sports and other games. And sometimes, the kids end up hurt. But when everyone is fit, there are enough people in the family to field their own team.

Eric Waldrop Gets The Whole Family To Play Baseball

This week, Courtney Waldrop shared an Instagram reel revealing the whole family enjoying a game of baseball. In the background, TLC fans could see the beautiful ranch-style house. All the kids, big and small, boys, and girls took part. In the caption, Courtney wrote:

So our family is in full baseball mode.🤣 Almost every night at the ball fields and pick up games in the backyard when we’re home!!⚾️😜⚾️ (my favorite) Oh and let’s not forget the basketball tournaments, gymnastics, and dance mixed in between🤪 I continue to tell myself…..one day we will miss this. And we will (we love every second of it) but sometimes I’m not sure if we’re coming or going. 😵‍💫 And Eric’s head is truly spinning most days but coaching them all is what he LOVES and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Waldrop Family Playing Baseball - Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
The Waldrop Family Playing Baseball – Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

Elaborating more about the girls playing, she reminded TLC fans that they originally didn’t want to play. But as time went by, “Rivers and Rawlings” changed their minds. So, “they are going to play softball in the Fall. Get ready for that!!!!🤩” As for Rayne, she knows her own mind and wants no part of it as a permanent fixture in her life.

What are your thoughts on the family being large enough that Eric Waldrop can literally field a team of baseball players at home? Do you think that one day, Rayne will change her mind? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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