‘Survivor’ Calls Out Fans For Hateful Comments

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Many fans feel that they can say and do whatever they want when it comes to reality TV stars. However, when it comes to the Survivor producers, they have a message for their fans. While fans feel they have the First Amendment right to say anything hateful they want, this reality show prefers its fans to “practice kindness.”

Here is what the reality show had to say to its fans about not being cruel.

Survivor Calls Out Fans For Hateful Comments

Too many fans today love to mock and send hateful comments to people who compete on reality TV shows. It seems that being anonymous and being a keyboard means people know they can be as cruel and hateful as they want without facing repercussions for their poor attitudes. Survivor has had enough of it.

Liz from Survivor / YouTube
Liz from Survivor / YouTube

This is not about fans choosing favorites and wanting others to lose. It isn’t even about having spirited conversations on social media about contestants you don’t like. That is encouraged and makes the show fun to follow while cheering on your favorites. However, some fans take things too far and make it personal.

Some fans will send direct messages to Survivor contestants (and those on other shows like American Idol). These comments are often hateful and sent just in an attempt to hurt a person. There are even some fans who take things so seriously that they send death threats, and feel they will face no repercussions for these moments.

Survivor Asks Fans To Practice Kindness

Survivor took to social media this week to remind fans of something important. The people who compete on the show are real humans and not characters. They deserve to be treated in the same way people would treat a real person they meet on the streets. The show asked fans to “practice kindness.”


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In the post, they recognized that fans’ passion, engagement, and excitement were all important and the best things about the competition series. However, they asked people to remember something important. “Remember that who you see on screen are real people navigating the experience. Please consider embracing kindness, respect, and compassion before commenting.”

Sadly, the comments show that people don’t like showing kindness and many of the commenters claimed that this was about Maria and she deserves hate for voting for Kenzie. Some said being nice is best, but a few too many chose to spread hate.

What do you think about Survivor fans sending hateful messages to strangers just because they appeared on the show? Are the producers right when they say that people should practice kindness and not hate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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