‘Survivor 46’ Contestant Wants To Replace Sia, Offers Prize Fund

Kenzie in the Survivor 46 finals / YouTube

Survivor fans have enjoyed the past few years when pop star Sia awarded her own money to contestants. However, Jeff Probst announced this week that Sia has chosen not to take part in giving out money anymore. While it has come to an end, one Season 46 contestant wants to personally keep this idea alive.

Here is who wants to replace Sia in awarding prize money and how they want to start this endeavor.

Survivor Contestant Wants To Start Their Own Prize Fund

Sia has awarded her favorite Survivor contestants cash prizes every year since 2016. That year, she gave $50,000 to Tai Trang and another $50,000 to an animal charity of his choice. Since then, she has given almost $1 million to 19 players over 14 seasons. However, Jeff Probst said that Sia has chosen to step back from her donations.

Sia with Jeff Probst and Tai Trang on Survivor / YouTube

However, one of the Season 46 players wants to take her place. Q Burdette, who finished in the top 5 on Survivor 46, said he wants to start donating money to his favorite player every year to take Sia’s place. Q took to X to announce that he plans to help replace her in that aspect.

He wrote, “Sad news: No Sia winners this season!! I’m going to use my Qmeo money to award one person from each season $20,000 until it’s no longer smart to do so! Starting with season 46: who are y’all voting to win? Qmeo money award!!”

Q, real name Quntavius Burdette, asked fans on X who he should give $20,000 to as a reward for the “favorite player.” Unlike Sia, who had specific reasons she gave for why she wanted to give certain players her rewards, Q seems to be making it a popularity contest.

Q Won’t Be Able To Replace Sia On Survivor

While it is a nice sentiment, Q won’t be able to replace what Sia was doing each year on Survivor. $20,000 is a great batch of money. However, last year, Sia gave out three prizes totaling $130,000. That included money for Katurah Topps ($100,000), Kaleb Gebrewold ($15,000), and Jacob “Jake” O’Kane ($15,000).

Q is using his “Qmeo” money, which is what he calls his Cameo money. He currently charges $95 for a personal video and $425 for a business video on the site. It would take 210 personal or 47 business videos to equal $20,000.

What are your thoughts on Q offering to replace Sia when it comes to bonus prize money for Survivor competitors? More so, do you think he will follow through with it and make it last? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Q’s vote for the million dollars was based on Kenzie saying she was a poor business woman instead of the person who outplayed the others. Worst vote ever and one of the worst players ever. He’s trying to remain relevant. Good luck with that.

  2. Q was a terrible player and just wants to stay relevant! Plus i believe he is all talk and no go!
    He needs to find a different platform to show he’s relevant!

  3. Q was annoying on Survivor. It appears that he is still holding on to that annoying title. He thinks that everyone likes or loves him.I personally do not like him nor do my coworkers and friends I have talked to about this season. He is trying to buy his popularity. I would say I can not believe he is doing this but nothing surprises me about this fame grabbing annoying idiot.

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