‘American Idol’ Fans Tired Of Judges Not Offering Real Critiques

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Katy Perry is leaving American Idol. Sunday night’s season finale was her last time on the show and she plans to hit the road on a new world tour with her music. While the finale showcased Perry’s time on the show, fans have more ideas for change. However, several fans want to see Luke Byran and Lionel Richie leave too.

Here is why fans think it is time for an American Idol overhaul.

Fans Feel American Idol Judges Are Not Critical Enough

Since American Idol returned after Fox canceled the show, it has had the same three judges. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan came on when the show premiered on ABC and have been the faces of the show since then. However, with Katy leaving, many fans want a complete overhaul for the judges.

Katy Perry & Ryan Seacrest on American Idol / YouTube

The reason that fans are tired of the judges is because many feel there is no real critique and that doesn’t help the singers get better. The problem is, of course, when the judges are critical, fans get mad and go on social media to bash them for being mean. This means that there is no winning when it comes to the judges being too nice or too critical.

With that said, there has been a lot of talk lately online about the judges’ “failure to provide meaningful feedback” to the singers — at least during the performances. Comparisons have been made to the three ABC judges and the previous team on Fox — specifically Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

  • “I wouldn’t mind if we got a whole new panel next season”
  • “Not all that sad about Katy leaving. Go ahead and kick off Luke and Lionel too so we can get some judges that will actually critique contestants”
  • “These Judges knew how to select, push vocal diversity, range of genre, critique Could Idol bring this format back?”

That last comment included a photo of Jackson, Cowell, and Paula Abdul.

Were The Fox American Idol Judges Better?

When American Idol started on Fox, there were three judges. Simon Cowell was a master at marketing. Randy Jackson was a record producer. Paula Abdul was a star performer. This brought three different outlooks to the contestants and the judges were often brutally honest.

While fans today are complaining about the judges being too nice and not providing honest criticism, fans in the old days complained about Cowell being cruel. He picked up a reputation as a bully, simply by being honest about his opinions. However, Cowell and Jackson specifically explained why they thought a singer wouldn’t make it in the industry, and they didn’t sugarcoat things.

There might not be a middle ground between fans who want honest criticism and those who want nice judges. However, what might be best is for a better variety of judges in different positions, instead of just three performers.

What are your thoughts about the judges on American Idol? Do you think they need to be replaced? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I like that the judges are encouraging, but as a judge you would think they would also critique.
    A contestant might have stage presence but he needs to be told he is off key. Yes, the original 3 were tough, yes Simon was TOO tough, maybe not anymore. The original 3 were not just entertainers, they were agents. Knew what was needed to make it!
    My perfect judge…….a blend of the current and the original.

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