‘American Idol’ Winner Parts From Record Label

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American Idol winners don’t always stay with their record label as they navigate their music careers, and now, another one has done likewise. Some of them like Maddie Poppe were devasted to lose their record label. Meanwhile, others get dropped or changed because they make mistakes like Laine Hardy.

American Idol Winners Don’t Always Make It Big

Katy Perry often advises the winner of the talent show, and she knows that winning isn’t the end of the journey to success. In fact it’s just the beginning. While a record label forms part of the prize from ABC, not everyone hangs in there.

American Idol Laine hardy 3
Laine Hardy – American Idol – YouTube

American Idol winner Samantha Diaz, who sang as Just Sam in Season 18, broke her recording contract. Later, the news arrived that the ABC star was broke and singing in the subways of New York. She didn’t give up hope, but she never really became popular after her failure. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money and effort to try and go it alone.

Noah Thompson No Longer With Record Label

Noah won Season 22 of the ABC singing competition. Not everyone was happy about his win, but people voted for the construction worker from Louisa, Kentucky. Although he was cute, many people claimed they found him dull. Well, every season that comes along brings happiness for those whose favorites win, and anger for those whose favorites lose.

Noah Thompson Audition - American Idol - YouTube
Noah Thompson Audition – American Idol – YouTube

The news that the American Idol star is no longer with 19 Recordings came from Heavy. The outlet confirmed that he’s gone. However, he hasn’t ended his career. Apparently, he’s still making plans for his music. A rep said:

“Noah is currently in a transition period in his career but rest assured he is working on some of the best music of his career and will have lots of exciting announcements soon.”

Critics Are Not So Sure

When the news arrived on Reddit, plenty of people felt that Noah Thompson didn’t have what it takes for long-term success. One person said in the comments:

19 was not planning on a Noah win, the whole production and judges were pushing for a Huntergirl win and I wouldn’t be shocked if they let him fall by the wayside like they did with JustSam when they were pushing for an Arthur Gunn win.

Similar sentiments came from other American Idol fans who contributed to the discussion about Noah Thomspon:

  • Yeah it was really odd when they brought him back and made him do a duet with Huntergirl and made her look more like the winner lol. Their obsession with Huntergirl is one thing I will never understand lol.
  • I didn’t care for either Noah or HunterGirl. However, HunterGirl was more “ready” for the industry. She was already writing her own songs, performing in Nashville prior to Idol, etc. Noah auditioned because his friend pushed him to do it. He hadn’t written songs before. Basically, HunterGirl already wanted this career & had already started trying to become a professional country artist before Idol.

What are your thoughts about Noah Thompson parting ways with his record label? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your American Idol news.

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