‘American Idol’ Fans Believe Adele Is Coming As New Judge


With Katy Perry leaving American Idol as one of the judges, fans are making guesses at who will replace her. Many fans have already made a wish list with names like Jon Bon Jovi on them. However, there is a new guess and it is based on something a megastar has said this year.

Here is who some think might be joining American Idol next season.

Will Adele Join American Idol As New Judge?

Reddit post was started with an embed from a social media post. In that post, someone claimed that Adele was considering joining American Idol as Katy Perry’s replacement. The reasoning given is that she wants to have a second baby and wants something more laid back (that still pays well) than her Vegas residency.


This led to many fans speculating that Adele could be the perfect replacement for Katy Perry.

  • “As long as she’s completely honest when contestants butcher her songs.”
  • “She’d be one of the most qualified vocal judges any talent show has ever had.”
  • “She has actually always wanted to judge a singing show…back when the X Factor UK was on, she mentioned she would be interested in judging on that show…”

The biggest thing is that it would put someone incredibly successful in the judge’s chair. There also might be the chance that she could bring her British snark to the show. That is something fans have missed since Simon Cowell was a judge.

American Idol Fans Want Judging Changes

The biggest thing American Idol fans want from the show is more honest criticism from the judges. Even if Adele joins the team, fans want the judges to stop being so nice and actually help make the singers better.

Katy Perry at the finale of American Idol Season 22 - ABC - Twitter

While fans don’t want the judges to be overly harsh, there is a middle ground. When the show first started, there was a singer, a producer, and Simon Cowell. Each person brought their own area of expertise on what made a singer successful — and it’s not just about the singer’s voice. They then made their critiques on whether the person could succeed.

That is nonexistent in today’s American Idol. Fans feel that the judges praise everyone and don’t give anyone advice on how they can improve to become successful in their careers. That is one reason why so many recent Idol winners are not becoming as successful as those in the original series.

If Adele comes in and offers up honest criticism, and does it in a way that is constructive and not cruel, that could go a long way in improving the show.

Do you want to see Adele as the next American Idol judge? More so, what do you want to see from whoever takes over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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