Brittany Cartwright Lashes Out Over Criticism Of Son, 3

Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram

The Valley star Brittany Cartwright is lashing out over criticism of her son, Cruz, 3 with her estranged husband, Jax Taylor. Apparently, people have been saying unkind things about the toddler which the Jenny Craig spokesperson caught wind of. Now, she is speaking out but followers are terribly baffled. Keep reading on for more details.

Brittany Cartwright Lashes Out Over Criticism Of Son, 3

It has been a dream of Brittany Cartwright’s to be a mother and she has been very vocal about that. The moment that she and Jax Taylor tied the knot in 2019, they claimed they were no longer being safe. In 2020, the two were let go from Vanderpump Rules and then, four of the girls from the show got pregnant. This included Stassi Schroeder, Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, and Brittany Cartwright. In 2021, Jax and Brittany welcomed their first child, Cruz and they were over the moon. Brittany was ready to start trying for baby number two but, in early 2024 she and Jax split.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright/Instagram
Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Cruz-Instagram

No one was that shocked as he had always been trouble, especially in relationships. In fact, he had cheated on Brittany prior to them getting engaged. However, their struggles played out on the Vanderpump spinoff, The Valley, where Brittany talked about baby number two. Unfortunately, Jax never wanted to be intimate with her and she felt undesired. Then, it crumbled. Now, the podcast host is lashing out over people criticizing her son, Cruz, 3. She took to her Instagram stories to share her feelings.

Brittany Cartwright-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

Of course, Brittany Cartwright’s fans had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. It seemed no one had said anything about Cruz so they started a Reddit thread to discuss this. The OP wrote this:

  • What’s she talking about? Whos saying anything about Cruz? Is her parenting getting criticized? Thought we mostly collectively agreed she was just better off without Jax lol

Who’s Talking?

That has been the general consensus during the whole first season of The Valley, people have been mocking Jax. Or, they have said they do not feel bad for Brittany Cartwright as she should have known better before she married him. There has also been a lot of chatter about Brittany’s botched chin lipo that left her mouth upside down. Yet, never once did anyone say anything bad about her son and followers backed that up but with a point:

  • I agree with her but also don’t put your son on reality tv. It’s damaging
  • Totally can be! I just had no idea anyone was saying anything about Cruz
  • she’s right, but she opened this door when she talked about him and their concerns on the valley. should have kept him completely off the show.
  • If you’re gonna go off, use proper grammar Kentucky Muffin Top, this reads stupid

There was also talk about how Brittany made an Instagram for Cruz from day one just to make money off of him. So, she has to pick a lane. Either she keeps him out of the public eye or she lets him be out there for all to see. She has been on reality TV long enough to know how the game is played but children should definitely be off limits.

Did you know that Cruz was being slammed in any way? Let us know and watch The Valley Tuesdays on Bravo.

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  1. Brit..why do you put ur son on social then have a fit about privacy? For the record I thought he was a girl..why you’d have a little boy dressed and looking like a girl baffles me… he is an innocent so maybe start PROTECTING him rather than use him on s.m.
    Take your own advice

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