Brittany Cartwright Son Cruz Stops Talking, Needs Therapy

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Brittany Cartwright’s son, Cruz, stopped talking and is currently going to therapy to get help. She spoke on the issue and explained what was going on. Could this be a result of her and Jax Taylor separating? The two were arguing all the time and could never agree on anything. They then decided to take time apart. Maybe this affected their son in more of a negative way than they thought.

Brittany Cartwright Takes Time From Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright is currently living in various Airbnbs as she takes time away from her husband Jax Taylor. However, Cruz is staying with Jax because he does not want to leave the house.

“We’re doing a really good job going back and forth, and I’ll also take him to the house and play and we’ll swim one day or have him play on his play set and we’ll do different things. Trust me, I told him he could stay in the Airbnb that I pay for, but he doesn’t want to leave the house. So, it’s tough. But I still go back to the house whenever [Taylor isn’t] there.”

It seems that they have been co-parenting well and are getting along for the sake of their child.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-Instagram
Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

Their Son Cruz Stop Speaking

Cruz stopped speaking altogether and Jax and Brittany are trying to be the best parents for him at the moment. 

“He stopped talking altogether and now we are going to put him in speech therapy just to make sure that he has all the help that he needs,”

Jax also admitted that he is bad about comparing Cruz to other children and their progress.

 “I feel like I’ve been researching everything and I feel like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing.”

Neither of them let fans know why he stopped talking or if it just happened out of nowhere. 

Brittany Cartwright-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

It seems that Cruz is currently in speech therapy, and they are trying to do everything they can to help him. However, it is still unknown what caused him to stop talking in general. It could be due to the split between his parents or the arguing that was happening around the house. However, all they can do is get him the help he needs and let the therapist try and do what they can for him. What do you think caused him to stop talking? What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Have you noticed a correlation of when he stopped talking and any vaccinations? If so, a Natural Pathic doctor may be able to help you drain the poisions out to help him.

  2. Jax’s ego is going to be a huge problem if Cruz’s speech delay is due to an underlying issue. Talking and then not is a very common sign of autism. Brittany would handle this well I am sure but Jax….ugh.

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