Why Jax Doesn’t Want Lala Kent Or Scheana Shay On ‘The Valley’

Jax Taylor, Scheana Shay. Lala Kent

Scheana Shay recently went into detail as to why Jax Taylor does not want her or Lala Kent on The Valley. There have been rumors that Lala Kent was going to join the show. Scheana Shay was another person fans were curious to see join. However, when it was brought up to Jax, he quickly turned down the idea. Fans are dying to know why he feels that way and Scheana gave some insight.

Lala Kent Joining The Valley

There have been rumors that Lala Kent was going to join The Valley. She has even moved to the valley. However, she made sure to tell fans that she did not move there because she wanted to be on the show. It was what she could afford. Scheana and Lala are close friends with Brittany. They all have children around the same age, and it gives them something to relate to. However, Brittany and Lala are currently in a feud due to Brittany texting Lala’s mom on the day she found out what gender her baby was. 

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

Scheana Shay Reveals Jax’s Reasoning

Scheana Shay recently called out Jax Taylor and why he does not want Lala or Scheana to join The Valley

“I also saw that for the second time on his podcast, he has said that he does not want me or Lala to join The Valley because it would be disrespectful to the current cast and no one wants us, actually Jax, I just think you don’t want us. If we did a poll, these are all our friends. You are afraid of me and Lala being on the show because we’re gonna call you out for the s—t we actually know. “When the whole concept of The Valley was coming to fruition, Jax and Brittany [Cartwright] were the ones who were like, ‘We want you and Brock in it,’ now that we are in a little you-blocked-me-on-Instagram phase, you are like, ‘We don’t want Scheana.’”

Well, she wasn’t afraid to call him out. Scheana did make a good point that they are both friends with the entire cast. This is more than likely due to them all being mothers with children around the same age.

Summer Moon, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent-Instagram
Summer Moon, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent-Instagram

It seems that Jax is currently mad at Scheana and Lala for some reason and that is why he does not want them on the show. Fans were shocked to hear that he originally asked Scheana and Brock to be on the show. Fans would love to see Scheana and Lala join The Valley as they would not put up with anything. What do you think about all of this? Sound off in the comments below.

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