Guy Fieri Unrecognizable Amid Shocking Weight Loss

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Guy Fieri has been working hard on improving his life over the last year. The reality TV star and Emmy Award winner worked as a restauranteur. As a result, he also often struggled with his weight, but that seems to have changed with recent lifestyle changes in his life.

Guy recently posted a photo of him and Gordon Ramsay and he showed off shocking weight loss. Here is a look at the new Guy Fieri and how he dropped the pounds.

Guy Fieri Shows Off Significant Weight Loss

Guy Fieri showed off a recent photograph with Gordon Ramsay. While he looked happy with the celebrity chef, he also looked very healthy. Guy had a significant weight loss and looked slim and trim. This is because of lifestyle changes he had made over his life.

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The photo shows Guy and Gordon standing next to each other. They are side by side with Gordon posting the photo first and saying “It’s Freaky Friday at @hellskitchen !!!” Gordon is holding a plate of food, Guy has his arms crossed. Guy looks very small in the kitchen.

People immediately commented on the rapid weight loss in the post.

  • “My guy Guy lookin SLIM!”
  • “Wow look at Mr Fierri looking very slim ummmmm”
  • “Fit Chef”
  • “Damn he lost hella weight”

However, not everyone thought the weight loss was done the right way.

How Guy Fieri Lost His Weight

There were also comments about Guy Fieri using Ozempic, but there is a different reason for his impressive weight loss.


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This photo has a lot of people making comments (including the trolls calling him out for rumored Ozempic use). That is largely thanks to Gordon Ramsay sharing it. However, anyone who follows Guy has seen his weight loss over time. Earlier in May, even Men’s Health Magazine posted a look at his weight loss journey.


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“Since 2020, the Mayor of Flavortown has made some major changes: he’s lost 30 pounds, picked up rucking, and takes the plunge—cold plunge, that is—daily all at the age of 56,” the health magazine posted.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, Guy Fieri did it the right way.

Guy hired a personal trainer named Scott Butler. He started doing rucking (walking or running while carrying a backpack of weights or a weighted vest), HIIT (high-intensity interval training), intermittent fasting, a daily cold plunge, and getting into a sauna. He also changed his eating habits and began to focus more on the quality of food.

“Once I started getting more serious about that, the quantity of food I was eating, and exercise, it really changed the whole thing,” Guy said. “It wasn’t as gnarly as you might think…I’m not a big breakfast fan.” He also said this all started during COVID-19.

What are your thoughts on the Guy Fieri weight loss? Are you impressed at his hard work, or do you think he took a shortcut? Let us know in the comments below.

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