Guy Fieri Asks Fans To Tip Generously To Honor Anniversary Of Death Of Chef Carl Ruiz

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Food Network star Guy Fieri wants his fans to tip generously to honor the one-year anniversary of the death of Chef Carl Ruiz. Who was this famed chef, and what does Guy mean by “don’t stop Ruizing?”

Food Network Star Guy Fieri Remembers Great Chef

Guy Fieri wants fans to remember one of his best friends, and great chef, Carl Ruiz. The Food Network star wrote on his Instagram that they “lost Carl Ruiz on 9/21/2019.” The famed chef was an executive chef at La Cubana in New York.

Many foodie reality fans are familiar with Chef Carl Ruiz from Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. According to USA Today, Chef Carl Ruiz won Guy’s Grocery Games. Chef Carl was also a television celebrity judge. Most importantly, Guy and Carl were great friends.

To honor his special friend, Guy is “encouraging everyone” to get take out, dine in, or even order delivery on September 21 and 22. When paying for the meal, tip “super generously.” Why is that? It is because that is what Chef Carl Ruiz always did. He always gave huge tips, supporting everyone in the restaurant industry.

In this year of the coronavirus, so many restaurants have not made it. Many had to close during lockdown. Those extra tips will go a long way to helping out a lot of struggling employees and businesses.

As Guy explained, “We will be doing exactly what Carl would be doing to help folks in the restaurant industry during these challenging times!!!”

Don’t Stop Ruizing

According to Guy Fieri, “the team at 8itapp” created a special video to encourage fans to to tip like Chef Carl Ruiz. They created a video and rewrote the Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The entertaining video shows people getting a hot dog, or other food. They pay for it with a crisp $20 dollar bill and tell the vendor to keep the change. Even under the face mask, the vendor looks quite happy.

Guy then wants fans to “mark your receipt or your $$ with #dontstopruizing.” He then asks that you post a photo of this action, and then post on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag @chefcarlruiz.

Also include the restaurant you went to, and “how you were a generous tipper.” Don’t forget to take a photo of your food. This is also a good promotion for local restaurants that are hurting for business.

Guy Fieri Lost A Great Friend

Guy Fieri called Chef Carl Ruiz “one of the greatest chefs, one of my best friends.” But, how did he die one year ago? At the age of 44, he died in his sleep of natural causes. Ruiz suffered from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. This is when plaque restricts blood flow. This can be caused by fat buildup, cholesterol and other substances.

After his death, Guy Fieri said, “Carl ’The Cuban’ Ruiz will forever live on in my heart and in those of all who loved him.”

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