‘South Park’ Attacks Ozempic Controversy In Recent Special

Cartman on South Park / YouTube

It seems like fans accuse everyone of using the drug Ozempic these days. Anytime someone loses weight, fans accuse them of using the drug to do so. Now, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are bringing the controversial drug to South Park. It is no surprise that the storyline will feature Eric Cartman.

Here is a look at the upcoming South Park special and what it plans to say about Ozempic.

South Park Targeting Ozempic

Ozempic is a drug meant to help people with Type 2 Diabetes. However, it also has a side effect that includes weight loss. This has meant that many people have received prescriptions for Ozempic to lose weight. As a result, this means there is a shortage of this. It also caused a shortage of similar medications such as Trulicity since people using Ozempic have had to switch to stay medicated.

Cartman on South Park / YouTube

As a result, many people with Type 2 Diabetes are going unmedicated because people like reality TV stars have started using it as a diet supplement instead. Names of stars who used Ozempic for weight loss reasons include Sharon Osbourne, Heather Gay, Claudia Oshry, and Dolores Catania.

Now, South Park is mocking the use of Ozempic. the cartoon has a new special coming out this week called “The End of Obesity.” Cartman learns he has to lose weight and his doctor offers him an option and mentions different drugs that can help him lose weight. He mentions Ozempic by name.

What Is South Park: The End Of Obesity About?

South Park: The End Of Obesity saw Eric Cartman and his mom at the doctor’s office. The doctor tells Mrs. Cartman they need some “drastic measures to bring down his weight.” He then asks if they have heard of “Semaglutides – Ozempic, Mounjaro.”

There is also a shot of Randy saying there is a crazy new drug people are using. This is a big deal for him since he owned the biggest marijuana dispensary in South Park. However, his friends know this might not be safe, with Kyle saying it could end up “dangerous.”

However, Cartman said he plans to do it and that leaves Butters to deliver the line, “We’ve been out navigating the American healthcare system. I almost died!” From that line, it sounds like Matt and Trey have more in their sights that just Ozempic, as it is time to go after healthcare in America.

South Park: The End Of Obesity is not a season episode but is one of the several specials that Matt and Trey make for Paramount+. These are longer than regular episodes and often take on a full feature-length story. In 2021, they have two COVID-19-themed specials. In 2022, it was another two-parter called South Park: The Streaming Wars.”

In 2023, there were two specials (Joining the Pandaverse and Not Suitable for Children). This special is the first of 2024.

What do you think about South Park making fun of the Osempic craze? Are you planning to watch the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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