‘South Park’ Drops Season 26 Teaser

south park season 26 town preview
Nick Davis

One of the oldest and raunchiest shows on television, South Park, is returning with their 26th season. Very few details about the season have come out thus far. But, we got a teaser recently with a release window. South Park has a way of stirring up controversies and keeping itself relevant season after season. What could they have in store for this season? Let’s break down the teaser and find out.

Incoming Season 26

The teaser hit Youtube and all other forms of social media just recently. The problem is, it really doesn’t give us much to go off of. You’ll notice that it’s only 15 seconds long and it has essentially only two shots. One of which likely looks very familiar if you’re a fan of the show. The first shot is simply an overlook of the town of South Park, which is a real place you can visit in Colorado if you weren’t aware before. The second shot is of the side character Butters in a familiar-looking scene. This is because it’s actually not a scene from Season 26 at all. It’s a scene from Season 9, Episode 6 of the show The Death Of Eric Cartman.

butters south park season 26 preview
Butters from the Season 26 teaser, although shown in a much earlier episode

So what gives? Why is there no Season 26 content in the teaser for Season 26? We don’t even see any of the four main characters; Stan, Kyle, Cartman, or Kenny. The reason lies in the incredibly quick production time of South Park episodes. It’s been well-known for a while now that every new South Park episode is made start-to-finish just six days before the episode’s premiere. This allows the show to remain incredibly relevant to current events, as whatever they’re covering literally just happened.

The Undying South Park

So when will we get an actual teaser showcasing what’s to come in Season 26? Probably not until the week of the episode’s premiere. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker may be gathering some ideas right now. But it’s safe to assume they literally haven’t started working on the season at all outside of that.

The teaser doesn’t give a specific release date for Season 26, just a window of time. We know the first episode will arrive at some point in February. Considering we’re already halfway through January, it’s likely that we’re looking at a premiere date somewhere closer to the end of February. But, we’ll see.

south park main cast
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny of ‘South Park’

This will be the 26th season for South Park in almost 26 years. This doesn’t give the show The Simpsons levels of longevity, but still makes it impressively one of the longest-running shows on television. Hopefully, this season proves that they still have some steam.

South Park Season 26 is premiering on Comedy Central and Paramount Plus this February.

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