‘The Simpsons’ New ‘Death Note’ Parody Gets Anime Makeover

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The Simpsons series is making the news with its upcoming parody episode dedicated to the popular anime series, Death Note. Earlier, the American animated sitcom series aired a parody of the horror movie IT by Stephen King. Titled Not It, the episode aired earlier in Season 34. Now, the series is returning for a Halloween special titled Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII that features three different segments. These segments will offer a special Simpsons-style take on Westworld, The Babadook, and a complete Death Note parody. The anime parody is titled, Death Tome.

Homer & Marge Get An Anime Makeover In Parody Episode

However, the unique thing about this parody episode is the fact that the Simpsons family won’t be their usual self. Rather, the characters will get a complete anime makeover. As per Kotaku, the Death Note special will be the second segment in the episode which is slated to air on October 30, 2022. Pictures of the character’s first look have emerged showcasing Homer and Marge in a unique anime art style. So, far, these makeovers look quite promising and are a courtesy of DR Movie, a South Korean animation studio.

The Simpsons Death Note Parody YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

This is the very same studio that has earlier worked on popular anime series like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, and The Batman (animated series).

The Simpsons’ Lisa Gets The Death Tome Book

Apart from the screenshots, a short clip has also surfaced showcasing Lisa Simpson receiving the powerful Death Tome. The parody is set in a dystopian city befouled in pollution. In the clip, Lisa is seen providing a short description of the story as she says, “the human race is cow farts away from total extinction and we deserve it.”

The Simpsons Death Note Parody YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Given her newfound power, Lisa will most likely serve as the protagonist of the parody trying to fix the world. However, her journey isn’t as easy as she deals with some unforeseen consequences along the way. In the background, fans can also see anime versions of Disco Stu and the twins, Sherri and Terri.

Excited about the Halloween special, fans took to Twitter as one wrote, “I can’t believe The Simpsons made a Death Note parody.”

“The Simpsons doing a Death Note parody is something I never knew I needed,” wrote another.

“This was the same studio that did Death Note. I really love how they did the Simpsons here. Homer looks more like Carl of ATHF though lol,” tweeted a third fan.

The Simpsons Comics Created The First Death Note Parody

However, this isn’t the first time The Simpsons have created a Death Note parody. Back in 2008, The Simpsons comics created a parody of Bongo Comics. However, this is the first time they are getting such a thorough makeover in anime style.

The Halloween special airs via Fox stations at 8 PM EST on October 30. For Hulu subscribers, the episode will stream the next day October 31.

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