Will Maria Georgas Get On ‘DWTS’ Through Kaitlyn Bristowe?

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Kaitlyn Bristowe chatted with Maria Georgas from Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, and now Maria hopes for Dancing with the Stars. While she turned down The Bachelorette, it seems she still wants to stick around for more ABC TV time.

Maria Georgas Moves On Without  Joey Graziadei

On The Bachelor, Joey seemed attracted to Maria. However, her hesitancy in love declarations on the hometown date seemed to change his mind about her. She believed that they wouldn’t end up together so she pretended she felt jealous of Jenn Tran.

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In early May, Maria Georgas claimed that she’s still single, and hasn’t dated since Joey. According to her, the Hometown date killed it for her. Feeling uncertain, she’d opened up almost all the way. Having exposed herself, she ended up rejected. With the feud with Sydney Gordon and her interest in Joey behind her, she is now keen on Dancing with the Stars.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks DWTS With Maria

Dancing with the Stars returns in the fall on ABC, and Bachelor Nation fans might see Maria on it if Kaitlyn Bristowe can help her with it. Of course, Kaitlyn is a Mirror Ball Trophy winner, and she co-hosted The Bachelorette. Perhaps that’s why the subject arose on Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe about her desire to be in the dance competition.

Bachelor Nation's Kaitlyn Bristowe, Maria Georgas - YouTube
Bachelor Nation’s Kaitlyn Bristowe, Maria Georgas – YouTube

After Kaitlyn suggested DWTS, Maria Georgas expressed interest in the show by saying:

That’s something I would be interested in doing. Unless things are set in stone, I don’t like talking about it, because I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t know what’s going to happen!’ But there are [other] things… [And] I would want Dancing with the Stars.

When Bachelor Nation star Kaitlyn told Joey’s contestant that she’s got some connections behind the scenes, Maria Georgas asked her, “Can you sign me up?

Reluctant To Let Go Of ABC?

As the two Canadian stars from Bachelor Nation talked, it seemed as if Maria Georgas didn’t want to take on something outside of ABC. She told Kaitlyn:

[I’d like to] continue with this franchise is because I love the people that backed me up for it and because of the producers that were behind me and supporting me. I just want people to know that I love this show, and I want people to understand that I’m not unhappy with how things went.

What are your thoughts about Bachelor Nation star Kaitlyn Bristowe suggesting that she knows people to help get Maria Georgas on Dancing with the Stars? Do you think she might have that sort of pull? Would you like to see Maria in the competition? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelor news.

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