Maria Georgas Reveals Her Fake Excuse To Leave Joey Graziadei

Maria Georgas

Maria Georgas recently revealed the fake excuse she used to try and leave Joey Graziadei. She was a fan favorite on The Bachelor. Fans loved her and wanted her to be the next Bachelorette. However, that was not in the cards for her. Regardless, Maria recently revealed some new information that shocked viewers. However, it makes some of her actions make sense on the show. Keep reading to find out more.

Maria Georgas Loved By Fans

Maria Georgas was a fan favorite, there is no doubt. She brought the sass, genuine, kind person people wanted to see to the show. Fans liked Maria more after the drama between her and Sydney broke out. There was a lot of drama going down during her time on the show. However, when Sydney went home, fans felt this was Maria’s time to shine. However, she ended up going home in fourth place. She did not win Joey’s heart or final rose. However, she is now revealing more information that makes fans realize that may not have been what she wanted all along.

Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram
Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram

The Fake Excuse She Used

Maria revealed that she used a fake excuse to try and leave the show.

“This is tea. So, I’m gonna be honest about something. So, Jenn kissed him on the group date. I went up to her, I just knew Joey and I were never going to be end game. Yes, could I have made it further? Sure. 100 percent. Like we had that connection. I just didn’t think I was going to be end game and he was going to be end game for me. And so, I told Jenn that day, that I was going to use that as an excuse to leave Joey.”

Maria is referencing to when Jenn kissed Joey on a group date. Later that night, fans saw Maria Georgas want to leave because she claimed to be jealous. However, that was not the truth, and she just knew it wasn’t going to work out for them. 


The tea is PIPING HOT 😏 Maria spills all on this weeks episode – remember when she got jealous about how Jenn kissed Joey?

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It seems she knew all along that she and Joey were not going to end up together. That is why she tried to leave several times. Maria was not jealous, she knew what she was getting into, but she felt it was her time to go. She also discussed how feelings were heightened in the experience and that may be why she stayed so long. Fans were shocked to hear she made things up to try and leave. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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