Maria Georgas Addresses Natalie Joy’s ‘Delusional’ Diss

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While appearing on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Maria Georgas set the record straight about Natalie Joy calling her “delusional.” What did the Bachelor villain say about the insult?

Nick Viall’s Wife Slams Maria Georgas As ‘Delusional’

Maria Georgas had been unusually silent since Season 28 of The Bachelor ended in March. However, she made up for lost time with a series of explosive podcast appearances this month.

She was on the popular Call Her Daddy podcast first earlier this month. Maria revealed a previous connection to Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall, describing them as friends. According to the Bachelor Season 28 fourth-place contestant, Nick Viall predicted she would be edited as a villain if she ever joined the ABC reality show.

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His prediction came true during Joey Graziadei’s season when Maria tangled with several of the other women. The coincidence made her wonder if Nick Viall was somehow responsible for her getting the villain edit.

The former Bachelor addressed Maria’s comments on his podcast. His wife, Natalie Joy, added her two cents by calling Maria’s claims “delusional.”

Bachelor Star Addresses Diss

Maria Georgas was a guest on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast this week and addressed the feud with Nick and Natalie. She said she wasn’t serious about the theory that Nick was involved in her villain edit. In fact, she was “shocked” that he took it so personally.

“I thought he would kind of laugh that off, but also appreciate that I was being supportive and giving kind words,” Maria told Kaitlyn. As for Natalie Joy’s “delusional” diss, Maria responded, “To each their own” (via Us Weekly.)

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Maria Georgas/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Kaitlyn Bristowe and Maria Georgas/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Bachelor Nations previously suspected that Nick Viall had reached out to Maria Georgas based on his sketchy social media history of giving her photos a ‘like.’

The Bachelor starlet confirmed on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she had a pre-existing friendship with Nick. It “was always friendly,” she said to Kaitlyn Bristowe of their relationship. Maria added more insight on Kaitlyn’s podcast. When asked if they had ever met in person, Maria admitted, “Of course we have.”

Maria Georgas seemed to put an end to the feud with Natalie Joy and Nick Viall after the Off the Vine podcast episode dropped. “Now things are put to rest. Time to move forward and talk about anything else,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram
Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram

Do you think Nick and Natalie overreacted to Maria Georgas claiming that he had a hand in her Bachelor edit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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