Fans Criticize Pat Sajak For Enforcing Rule On Minor Mistake

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune

Generally, the Wheel Of Fortune long-time host, Pat Sajak, tries to be fair. While he has held down his post for more than four decades, there are times he rubs fans the wrong way with his decisions. Undoubtedly, during a recent episode, some fans were critical of his enforcement of a rule over a minor mistake. Specifically, a small infraction that cost one player a beautiful getaway.

Pat Sajak Comes To Terms With Criticism

On Thursday, May 16, some Wheel Of Fortune fans got a little miffed at Pat Sajak for his judgment of a contestant’s answer. While this isn’t the first time Pat has fallen out of some fans’ graces, it is getting closer to the last time. With more than four decades of experience, this isn’t Pat’s first rodeo of disappointing someone. In recent months, some fans even thought Pat was seemingly more agitated and perhaps even angry with fans as he was nearing the end of his career. But other fans report they will miss the legend and can hardly stand to think of the show without him. Likewise, with any decision, Pat has come to terms with not being able to please everyone, but he makes his best call and rolls with it in most cases.

Vanna White - Pat Sajak - Wheel of Fortune - YouTube
Vanna White – Pat Sajak – Wheel of Fortune – YouTube

One Contestant’s Loss Is Another One’s Gain

However, during the May 16 episode of Wheel Of Fortune, Pat Sajak encountered one of these moments. Specifically, one contestant made an error when responding and lost big. When Kerry Ruiz, Amanda Morris, and Dee Merritt took the stage, one player’s mishap was another’s gain. In the Express Round, the three contestants could see a six-word “Phrase” puzzle. It read: “_ N O _ _ / I T / O _ T / O F / T H E / _ _ _ _.”

Vanna White - Wheel Of Fortune - TikTok
Vanna White – Wheel Of Fortune – TikTok

First, Dee takes a stab at answering and says, “Knock it out the park.” Although it was seemingly correct, Pat didn’t let it slip by. Instead, he replies, “I’m sorry.” Then, he moves on to address Kerry, saying, “Kerry, your turn; what would you like to do?” At that point, Kerry opts to solve. He answers: “Knock it out OF the park.” This statement was accepted as the full, correct answer with the tiny inclusion of the two-letter word “of.” Kerry captured a trip to the Margaritaville Island Reserve in Riviera Maya worth $10,000.

Dee Merritt almost had it, but left out the word _of._- Wheel Of Fortune - TikTok
Dee Merritt almost had it, but left out the word “of.” – Wheel Of Fortune – TikTok

Not Everyone Could See The Difference Between Dee And Kerry’s Answers

Notably, many Wheel Of Fortune fans balked at the ruling by Pat Sajak. Understandably, there was minimal difference between the two answers. However, Pat recognizes the significance of the differing responses. In this particular case, two letters is an entire word omission. Additionally, when looking at the official rules, contestants must say all words included in the answer. Furthermore, they must be pronounced correctly, which could be even more tricky for some people. With that in mind, some people may argue that “Knock it out the park” is a commonly recognized phrase, but Pat needs to hear the little preposition “of” to grab the win.

Fans Criticize Pat Sajak For Enforcing Rule On Minor Mistake

After the little mistake took place, fans were on TikTok and X sharing their opinions of what happened. Undoubtedly, some Wheel Of Fortune fans were disgraced by Pat Sajak’s decision.

  • “‘Knock it out the park’ is grammatically correct,” one viewer argues on X. “‘Of’ is an extra word in that sentence, totally unnecessary.”
  • “That was messed up,” another fan says.
  • However, someone else takes up for Pat and his decision, “Sajak made the right call.”
  • “She left an entire word out. Of course she’s incorrect,” someone else adamantly exclaims.
  • But another person thinks this wasn’t a first-time occurrence. Saying, “Honestly, people act as if a contestant has never missed a word.”

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Although Dee didn’t get the trip to Mexico, she brushed it off and moved on to take home $20,000.

What do you think about Pat Sajak’s call? Do you think that tiny word needed to be part of the answer? Are you enjoying Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.

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