‘Below Deck’ Ben Willoughby Picks His ‘Hill To Die On’

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After Monday’s episode of Below Deck, Ben Willoughby “picked his hill to die on,” and many Bravo fans mocked him for it. After Captain Kerry Titheradge fired Bosun Jared Woodin, he gave Ben a chance with new responsibility, but it didn’t work out. So now, he claims he will never work under his captain again.

Below Deck Ben Willoughby Didn’t Work Out

Many Bravo fans agree that Ben got a nice opportunity to go up the ranks, but he blew it. So, now he’s complaining about Kerry Titheradge, he’s not getting a lot of support. Lots of viewers realized that the new bosun didn’t seem to have what it takes for leadership, so they anticipated he might not last the season.

Deckhand Bill Willoughby [Source: YouTube]
Below Deck Deckhand, now bosun, Bill Willoughby – YouTube
Ben Willoughby was not happy in the latest episode of Season 11 because Captain Kerry Titheradge went after the crew for not doing their jobs right. Actually, he let his crew know he wasn’t at all happy. At one stage, the captain who took over from Lee Rosbach did room inspections. Disappointed, he became angry enough to say, “It’s a huge slap in the face. Blatant disrespect, it’s f—king beyond words.”

Captain Kerry Titheradge Gets Slammed By Ben

Below Deck fans were pretty amazed when Ben reacted badly to his captain demanding that the crew make their beds and tidy up the cabins. After a Bravo fan saw the scenes play out, they asked Ben on Instagram if cabins were normally inspected abroad yachts, and he confirmed that they are routinely checked, usually “once a week.” Then he set about slamming Captain Kerry Titheradge.

Below Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge - Bravo TV
Below Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge – Bravo TV

On Reddit, Ben Willoughby seemed to upset Below Deck fans when he explained his grievances against Kerry. He said:

I believe you have to stand up for what is right…I had had enough of the way others were being treated. Captain Kerry treated behind-the-scenes staff and production poorly, so I had had enough by then. To add the amount of micromanaging I had endured since Jarred’s departure, I had reached a breaking point. One scene failed to mention…I was threatened with a written warning as my team had not put away and charged correctly the EFoil board in which Captain was solely using himself. This is why I will never work for Captain Kerry in the future.

Ben Willoughby became mocked because he seemed keen to throw away his job by not wanting to make his bed. So, the mocking came when one of the discussion’s contributors said:

LOL. “This is why I’ll never work for Captain Kerry again.”…My tantrum about why I will never be on BD again, and I’m dying on this hill by not making my bed.

Ben Willoughby Slams Kerry Titheradge Via Reddit
Ben Willoughby Slams Kerry Titheradge Via Reddit

Other Bravo fans laughed and pointed their fingers back at him. Here are some of those comments.:

  • Big “you can’t fire me because I quit!” energy 😅
  • I read it as ‘and this is why Captain Kerry and Bravo refuse to work with me again’
  • Lol right! Once I read that I was like ohh riiiight THAT’S why 🙄.
  • When Ben was confronted by Kerry he made such an evil smirk.
    The kind of ego you’d have to have to be that blatantly disrespectful for the chain of command… just wow. I knew the entire BD fanbase would have Kerry’s back.

What are your thoughts about Ben Willoughby claiming that he’ll never work under Captain Kerry Titheradge again because he felt it was unfair to expect tidy cabins and beds made? Do you think he picked a rather silly hill to die on? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Below Deck news.

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