Will ‘Below Deck’ Film A Reunion Following Season 11?

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Below Deck Season 11 has had a lot of crazy moments this season. So much has happened that fans want to know if there will be a reunion to go over the events. In the past, there have been reunions, and even some were done via Zoom if needed to get all the behind-the-scenes info.

However, in the last year, only one show had a reunion — Below Deck Season 4 in 2023. Will Below Deck Season 11 have a reunion?

Barbie Pascual Talks Possible Below Deck Season 11 Reunion

Barbie Pascual is a former member of Below Deck Med, and she is ready to talk about what happened this season on the show. She showed up on the recent episode of Dear Reality You’re Effed podcast and talked about her time on Season 11 of the main show. She then talked about a possible reunion.

Barbie Pascual / YouTube

The first thing that Barbie said was that it would be interesting if there was a reunion this season. However, when Hannah asked if a reunion was being filmed, Barbie said that she hadn’t heard anything about it yet. She then mentioned that there haven’t been many reunions lately. Sadly, they both said that reunions haven’t been a priority. The women decided that Bravo would flip a coin to decide if there would be a reunion.

For anyone who wants to see a reunion after this season, don’t hold your breath. According to Sunny Marquis, it sounds like no one is expecting one, as she said, “Oh how entertaining would a reunion be.” If neither Barbie nor Sunny have heard anything about a reunion, it likely isn’t happening.

Below Deck Season 12 Confirmed

The good news is that Below Deck Season 12 has mostly been confirmed. Even if there is no reunion for this season, there will at least be another season coming next year. With Captain Kerry Titherage taking over for Captain Lee Rosbach, the series looks as strong as ever.

He also isn’t someone who puts up with nonsense. He fired the popular Bosun Jared Woodin after he had a drunken run-in with Kyle Stillie. Kerry then hired Ben Willoughby, but that didn’t work out very well either. Finally, he fired Chef Anthony Iracane when he couldn’t keep up and ruined the trip for some customers.

Regardless, Kerry is turning the ship into what he wants it to be and is ready to lead it into the future on Below Deck. While the crew, including those fired, won’t likely be back for a reunion after Season 11 ends, at least fans will have some new trips to follow next season.

Are you disappointed that there won’t be a Below Deck Season 11 reunion special? Do you enjoy watching these events to end each season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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