When Will ‘Below Deck’ Season 11 Finale Air?

Captain Kerry Titheragde - Below Deck - Bravo YouTube

Below Deck Season 11 hit the halfway mark, and plenty of drama is still to come. Will Episode 8 or 9 be the final one for the season? Some fans are confused because of the timing of the mid-season trailer. Keep reading to find out more.

Below Deck Season 11 Has Lots Of Drama, More in The Pipeline

Captain Kerry Tithjerage seems like a reasonable and motivating leader, but some people don’t like his style of leadership. After Jared Woodin was fired, Ben Willoughby seemed unsuited to the role of bosun. Then, there was the drama that fans recently saw with Jill Zarin on the vessel. Spoilers revealed that Chef Anthony Iracane let his captain down, so there were frowns about that as well.

Below Deck - Chef Anthony Iracane Messes Up - Bravo YouTube
Below Deck – Chef Anthony Iracane Messes Up – Bravo YouTube

Below Deck fans also know that Cat Baugh was replaced by Paris Fields and now, Fraser Olender is upset because Barbara “Barbie” Pascual doesn’t respect him. Plus, she annoyed Captain Kerry Titheradge. In the trailer, she mentioned that they clashed. So, she might leave the show. That could mean three people are out and more will arrive in the second half of the season.

When Is The Final Episode?

Ahead of Season 11, Episode 8, Monsters and Critics noticed that the mid-season trailer mentioned “nine” more episodes. However, the outlet also noted, “The video…was also featured at the end of that episode as a promo for what’s happening later this season.”So, that raises the question of whether there will be eight or nine episodes left.

Fraser Olender Is Angry With Barbie - Below Deck Bravo YouTube
Fraser Olender Is Angry With Barbie – Below Deck Bravo YouTube

Doing the math, the outlet noted that if there are only eight episodes, then the Below Deck  finale should arrive “on Monday, May 20.” However, another episode will see it end “on Monday, May 27.” But, that’s “Memorial Day,” so it’s not likely to air on on a holiday. However, Bravo could decide to proceed and air the finale on that night anyway.

There is no way of telling right now if the season ends on May 20 or May 27, or perhaps even the following week. However, odds are that the mid-season trailer merely played at the end of the last episode because Bravo hoped to hook more viewers.

A lot of things are to come. Ben might leave the show, Fraser Olender kisses a charter guest, and at least one member of the crew seems likely to be fired by Jerry Titheradge. Regardless of the date the show ends, it certainly seems to have cranked up plenty of drama for Bravo fans.

What are your thoughts on Below Deck Season 11? Are you enjoying it? Or, are you growing tired of all the drama and want it to end soon? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Bravo news. The show currently airs on Bravo on Mondays at 9/8c and you can stream it on Peacock.

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