‘Below Deck’: The Captains Share Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Captain Lee from Below Deck / YouTube

The captains from the megahit reality television show, Below Deck, took time away from their busy schedules to share a few secrets. These behind-the-scenes secrets are not things that can be seen by the viewers. There is a lot that goes on that the cameras do not pick up for this much-loved television show airing on Bravo.

Some Captains Did Not Audition For Below Deck

When it comes to the crews, there is an audition process for Below Deck. There is an interview and tapings that are done before the crew, specifically the captains, are hired to be part of the show. Despite this, not all of the captains went through this process.

Captain Lee Rosbach was one of those captains. “I was just a pure accident. I was that baby that wasn’t expected,” Captain Rosbach explained. “So I didn’t do any interviews; I didn’t do any taping. It was just, like, ‘We’re filming tomorrow, and you’re the captain.’” The Below Deck captain went on to say  “All of a sudden, here’s this reality TV show that we’re thrust into.”

Captain Lee Rosbach - Below Deck - WWHL, Bravo, YouTube
Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck – WWHL, Bravo, YouTube

Captain Sandy Yawn Took Advice From Her Sponsor

Captain Sandy Yawn is the only female captain on Bravo’s Below Deck. Seeing she is now sober, Captain Yawn listened closely to advice she had been given by her sponsor.

“I’m sober. My sponsor goes, ‘Sandy, when a door of opportunity opens, walk through the door, cause you can always walk back out.’ And that’s when I said yes,” Captain Yawn explained when asked about why she chose to be part of a reality television show.

Captain Sandy Yawn on YouTube
Captain Sandy Yawn on YouTube

Who Was Painting Houses Before Below Deck?

Captain Kerry Titheradge had left the yachting world before signing on to be a part of Bravo’s Below Deck. In fact, he was about as far away from being a yacht captain as possible. “I actually left boats, and I was painting houses,” the reality television star stated.

He had just been through a divorce when he got the call asking if he was interested in doing Below Deck. “I’d just gone through a divorce, and I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go,” he explained. “When the opportunity came along, they said it was gonna be Alaska, a bucket list place. And I’m like, ‘You know what? It doesn’t matter what happens. I’m gonna go to Alaska!’”

How The Below Deck Yachts Are Prepared

Filming a reality show on a yacht is not as easy as it might sound. There is much more to it than placing a few cameras here and there. A large production company is involved with getting the yacht ready to shoot all the drama of Below Deck.

“As soon as the gangplank’s down, they’re invading the boat,” he says. “They’re ripping walls down, … ripping ceilings out, installing cameras [and] wiring,” Captain Lee Rosbach explained, remembering seeing the production crew on the deck.” Nobody really knew what we were doing or what to expect because nobody had ever filmed before in a boat that was gonna be moving.”

Tell us what you think. Did you know there was an audition process? What do you think of Captain Yawn being sober? Did you think took a big crew to get set up? Sound off in the comment section below.

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