‘Below Deck’ Shock Aesha Scott Swaps Captain Jason For Sandy

Aesha Scott - Below Deck Med - Tiwtter

Aesha Scott worked with Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under, but fans were shocked because the Bravo star has popped up under Captain Sandy Yawn in the new season of Below Deck Med. Admittedly, she worked on the vessel before, but she and Jason were so close that some fans thought they were lovers. Actually, they were not, but they definitely had a great working chemistry.

Aesha Scott Returns To her Roots On Below Deck Med

Learning the ropes in Seasons 4 and 5 on Below Deck Med, the fan-favorite now returns to The Mustique after two seasons on Down Under. There, she was the chief stew, and she worked very well under Captain Jason Chambers. In the new trailer that dropped on Twitter, Bravo fans saw her saying that she’s excited to be back.

Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott - Below Deck
Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott – Below Deck Down Under

Dressed in red, Aesha Scott made a joke about stinking to high heavens. But, she also added:

I have so many butterflies. The Med is where it all started for me – I’m just so excited to prove myself.


Captain Sandy Yawn - Below Deck Med Bravo
Captain Sandy Yawn – Below Deck Med Bravo

Well as far as Bravo viewers are concerned, she already proved herself ten times over under Captain Jason Chambers. Those of her who think she is their favorite probably worry because Captain Sandy Yawn can be prone to firing people. Fortunately, The Mustique travels to Greece for the first time, and there, Leah Shafer agrees to marry Captain Sandy Yawn. So, that might keep her in a good mood.

Fans Discuss Their Shock

On Twitter, Below Deck Med fans discussed Aesha Scott under Captain Sandy after working out well on Below Deck Down Under:

  • I will watch because I adore Aesha but this makes me sad because it seems like she won’t be back on Down Under. I absolutely love her and Captain Jason together.
  • What about Below Deck Down Under? If Aesha is back on Med I hope it doesn’t mean DU is done :(.
  • HERE IS CAPTAIN JASON????? Why is Aesha not with him?
  • This is awful. Aesha is one of my all time favorite Bravo people, but Sandy? I cannot! 🤯😔 Aesha and Capt.Jason in DownUnder is the deal!! Also: What about Daisy, Glenn and S.Y?
  • please put Aesha back with Captain Jason.
  • I love Aesha, but I won’t watch cuz of Sandy. She’s awful! When will you hire a new captain?!

Who Will Be In The Crew?

Bravo fans will recognize Stew Elena Dubaich who will clash with fellow Stew Bri Muller. Meanwhile, the chef is Johnathan “Jono” Shillingford and he doesn’t seem to be a favorite of the guests. Bosun Iain Maclean works with Deckhands Joe Bradley, Nathan Gallager, and Gael Cameron. The new season of Below Deck Med premieres on Bravo on Monday, June 3, at 9/8c and according to Aesha Scott, it will be a challenging season for her.

What are your thoughts about Bravo splitting up Aesha and Captain Jason Chambers? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Below Deck Med news.

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