‘Below Deck Med’: Malia White Talks Chef Tom Split, Captain Sandy Outing

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Below Deck Med star Malia White opened up on all things about the show. The bosun addressed Captain Sandy Yawn’s bizarre Cameo video. Last summer, Sandy made headlines for her clip that went viral on social media. She claimed that the reason why Malia has such bad luck with men is that she’s gay.

At the time, Malia ended her relationship with Chef Tom Checketts. She took to her Instagram Stories to make it clear that they’re done. The reality star also hinted that he may have cheated. In a new interview, she revealed how working on the Bravo show affected their relationship.

How does Malia White feel about Captain Sandy’s controversial comments?

Malia White thought it was weird to see Captain Sandy talk about her sexuality. She then questioned the Below Deck Med star’s sexuality. In a new interview, she talked about the Cameo video in which Sandy called Malia “secretly gay.” Some fans noted that Sandy appeared buzzed; however, it’s unclear whether she was drinking or just in a goofy mood. Malia noted that the video came out at the worst possible time.

“To be fair, that comment was made the night before we started filming [Season 6]. So I kind of had to just get on the boat and put a big smile on,” Malia told Us Weekly on Friday, July 30. “I think with Captain Sandy, the thing that I know to be true is she never means harm. She never means disrespect or she never means for it to be hurtful.”

[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
Sandy talked about Malia’s sexuality being the reason why her relationships fail. Malia and Sandy were working on the same boat at the time. This led the yachtie to share a PSA on her Instagram feed. Sandy issued an apology, but Malia isn’t sure if it was sincere.

“I think when that kind of hit the fan, she was kinda like, ‘Well, I was just kidding,’ and she didn’t realize the consequences it would have for me and with my family and friends,” Malia explained. “So she did apologize, and I was like, ‘It’s not a big deal.’ it was just not something I needed.”

Below Deck Med star talks Tom Checketts split

Malia also shared how she learned about Tom’s alleged cheating. On Below Deck Med Season 6, she admitted that they still talk. Malia and Tom split after filming Season 5. She previously claimed that he was unfaithful. Malia told Us Weekly how she learned about his cheating.

“Yeah, we were, you know, working on different boats,” Malia told Us Weekly. “It was in the pandemic [that] had just happened. So, it was impossible for us to see each other. It was right when the show is coming out, it’s obviously a lot going on in our lives. And, yeah, he found someone else on his boats, and I didn’t know for a couple of months.”

Malia had no idea that Tom was cheating on her since they were apart. Her friend reached out to her, which caused “all hell to break loose” in their relationship. The television personality claimed that Tom is sincerely sorry for his actions. He’s brought up the idea of them getting back together, but Malia wants to move on from that part of her life.

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She now has regrets about him joining the show. Malia feels that their relationship would’ve turned out differently. Regardless of what fans may think, she didn’t want him to be on the show in the first place. She initially wanted to keep their relationship private.

Malia confirmed their relationship in September 2020. At the time, she didn’t share much of her personal life. The Bravo star still doesn’t show much of their personal life to this day. Instead, she shares her adventures on land and in yachting.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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